Saturday, June 21, 2008

After Dark: Talking to 2 Girls at One Time

Sometimes I find funny/ridiculous videos and I don't really like to post them during the week because they are NSFW. As such, I've decided to introduce a new segment called Skeet Thrower: After Dark. These intermittent posts will randomly occur on the weekend and contain videos that you probably shouldn't watch at work.

The first video is from a crappy chat line commercial.

1) Who thought those girls were hot?
2) What kind of bikinis are they wearing? That just looks like bad early 90's underwear.
3) What kind of phones are they talking on? They look like regular corded phones that have just been unplugged
4) Seriously?
5) And finally, no, I don't think I actually can handle talking to two girls at one time.


D Wheezy said...

Awesome. So this is kinda like the "Red Banner" trailer thing? I like it.

I guess they are on the same land line at the same house. It's been so long since I've used land lines that it was momentarily confusing to think that two people could be on the same call at the same time with two different phones without three way calling. Thanks a lot cell phones. You've confused my mind.

Double M said...


I should clarify that it's not like I'm gonna put porn up here or anything.

In any case, you shouldn't blame cell phones, just blame the radiation that comes off of cell phones that's slowly melting our brains...