Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Real Life vs. My Life

Well, as I said on Monday, I just returned from Vegas. I've said before, I think Vegas is like Disneyland for adults - life just doesn't seem real there. That said, I think I live a lot of my life on the webernets and it turns out that isn't real either. Fortunately, my boy Vasquez sent me this video to sort things out.

I never watch/read Red vs. Blue but that video might force me to do so. Anyway, now that I know what's real and what's not, it's time to put it to the test. Here's a video, you tell me if you think it's real.

OK, so not only is that not real (was anything on 90210 really plausible?) but its a modified clip from the show. Still funny and ridiculous. You know what else is ridiculous? The guy singing in that video, David Silver Brian Austin Green (featuring bonus white rap music video!), is railing Megan Fox.

In any case, here's one more video - I'm more inclined to believe this is real except for the multiple angle things. Either way, it's always funny to see people get pissed and start overreacting - and this video has that.

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