Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Klein Four Are (2^3 -1) Years 2 Late

I've said it before - I read a lot of things on the Internet. Generally, when something rolls through my reader 3 or more times, I make sure to check it out. So, yesterday, this video rolled through a bunch. It's from a group called The Klein Four (although there are five of them based off some crazy math...I stopped before that stuff in college).

Let's take a look at a couple things in that video: 1) Either those guys are not wearing backs to their pants or it is really easy to make the girl on the steps laugh. Honestly, she cracks up multiple times. 2) Why does the guy "beatboxing" feel the need to match every sound with and air cymbal?

Well done to those guys, though. They came up with an excessively long a cappella song about math. But doesn't it seem a little bit familiar? An all boy band using math lyrics...I think I've seen this before.

You may have forgotten (or never seen, I guess) 2gether, another fake boy band that used excessive (although more understandable) math lyrics in their songs around 7 years ago. Way to rip them off guys. If this wasn't a fake band...well, I'm not sure that anyone would really care. You guys admit you're just a joke anyway. In any case, if you looked closely at that 2gether (or 2ge+her) video, you might have noticed a Farley brother in there (sadly, not Chris). It's the lesser known Kevin Farley who you may or may not remember from such things as this Hertz commercial, or if you have the HBO, this clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Ah, Kevin...you make me miss your brother so.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Casual Dress Friday: What I'm Doing At Work Next Week

It's a Casual Dress Friday here at the Skeet Thrower and even though I'm on vacation, I thought I'd let you know what I'm looking forward to next week at work.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

24 Season 7 Preview

When I moved to Lincoln, I left knowing that I would be back in just a few months. I knew that Nebraska would play Texas at football and that I would take the opportunity to go visit.

So, Shorty and I bought plane tickets and lined up football tickets, but since, as a Nebraska fan, I've been kicked in the nuts over-and-over again this year, I've given up the football tickets. Fortunately, I still kept the plane tickets and this afternoon, I'm flying to Austin (in fact, I may be flying right now while you're reading this). Unfortunately, this means that I probably won't be updating the blog as I'll be doing other stuff like gorging myself with delicious food and visiting a certain street. I should be back with some stories/pictures/and videos on Monday.

Speaking of Mondays, one of my favorite things about Mondays is 24. Well, the Season 7 trailer is going to be released "officially" today sometime, but its already been leaked onto the Internets. And, you know I'm gonna give it an entire post.

Holy Nuts, Tony Almeda! After a mediocre season 6 plot (although the Bauer kills were awesome), I'm hoping season 7 rebounds. Not to be outdone by Jack Bauer, here's a video of a wasted Kiefer Sutherland. I don't need to say anymore.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

NBA...It's Fan-tastic

Do you remember that slogan? Probably not if you didn't watch much NBA. I, however, watch(ed) a ton of NBA. My wife dreads the start of the season each year, even though she ends up watching the playoffs with me every year. She has already started complaining this year and the season doesn't even start for another couple weeks. I did have both of my NBA fantasy drafts this week, though.

What does that mean for you? It means you get to see some awesome NBA clips again. Of course, I don't like to really show highlights from the games, rather, I like to show you things you may not have seen or may have forgotten. For instance, do you remember the series of NBA commercials starring the Fun Police? This was one of my favorites.

How bad of an actor was Gary Payton (They should have just included Kevin Garnett he always comes through (that's a repeat, but its worth it))? No matter how bad that was, its not as bad as this Laker's promo video.

Back in the day those commercials were the shit. The Lakers and the Lakers girls are always good for a laugh as well.

Well, a laugh or something...is that a guy on the front right? If you make it about 1 minute into that video, I hope you laughed. To be honest, it started to burn once I got to that Wilt the Stilt hip thrust thing after all that fake dribbling. Wait, you didn't do it along with the video? Me either.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Let Me Tell You Why My Life's A Trainwreck

So, my wife is on fall break. This is a good thing for her...bad thing for me. We went to Elkhorn Omaha to see her parents after the beat-down on Saturday for the rest of the weekend. I came back on Sunday night, but Shorty stayed with her parents until yesterday afternoon (This is why I had no computer to write my post for yesterday - it was still with her in O-town).

In any case, by myself I watched a lot of TV, I got a lot done around the house (boring stuff I won't talk about) and I went to bed around the same time I normally do, only by myself (obviously, because Shorty is in Omaha). So this morning rolls around and I hear my alarms, and I had been dreaming that it was the weekend so I shut them off (I think, I don't really remember). 9:20am rolls around and I wake up and realize that its not the weekend and on weekdays I'm usually at work about 90 minutes earlier than it was right now.

It would be one thing if this happened once or twice, but if Shorty's not around this happens all the time. I have to set like 90 alarms and basically not sleep/wake up every hour-or-so in order to not be late. It happens often enough that my boss (who also happened to live with me throughout college) just assumed that's what happened and didn't worry about me. I could just disappear off the face of the earth and no one would know I was gone for like 10-20 hours. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Anyway, fortunately I have these two random dudes who can tell me how to get my dream life.

Ah the Internets. That's right. You know what? I love the Internets. You know what else I love? Monday Night Football. Here's a clip from MNF. I'm not sure when crowd shots became popular, but if I knew that, I might be able to figure out when people started realizing they were in a crowd shot and started doing stupid/awesome things. Don't know what I'm talking about? Tired of all the question marks in this paragraph? I have just the thing for you. I just missed this clip last night (I was walking down my steps between TVs...well, not the TVs, but the floors in my house that have TVs), but my boy Blair called me like 30 seconds after it happened to tell me about it. And, of course, it only took about 2 hours to show up on the Internets. See - that Internets thing is already paying off!

Monday, October 22, 2007

No Computer

Despite the fact that I'm sitting at a computer right now, I didn't have a computer to write a post for today (I'll tell you all about it tomorrow).

In any case, check out these two videos that made me laugh, and, as with every Monday, Wheezy's blog.

Here's a "deleted scene" from Family Guy a couple weeks ago.

And here is one of the best/worst sports interviews I have seen in a long time. It's even topical because my first NBA fantasy draft is tonight.

I can only assume that kid is joking...Sam Cassell is awesome.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Casual Dress Friday: Lazy Post

It's a Casual Dress Friday and I have been spending the majority of my nights this week trying to find a suitable, original costume for our early Halloween party this week. I've been thinking about it too much and now I have no ideas. In any case, it has finally caught up to me and now I'm posting a follow-up post to yesterday.

You remember yesterday when Conan went off about the fire alarm? Here's the follow-up to that.

You remember yesterday when I talked about how SNL is starting to get a little funny again. Well here's an old-school Barkley skit that's way funnier than the one they did this week.

How creepy does Chris Farley seem there. I'm not sure that its very funny (mainly because it features Rob Schneider) but Charles Barkley's choke-hold makes me laugh every time (and its still funnier than anything Keenan can do).

The best part of yesterday may have been a point brought up in the comments, as to whether 30 Rock has crested The Office in funniness. I will agree that the hour long episodes and new character directions have brought them closer together, but I'm not sure which one is funnier. I'll think about it this weekend. In any case, both Shorty and I have found ourselves playing the screen saver game which The Office nailed.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Could SNL Be Coming Back?

Well, I DVR'd the PIR this week and I finally got around to watching some of it. Was there ever this much white trash on the PIR? Seriously, 95% of the audience are people that I would not want to encounter. The craziest thing about the PIR is that there's only about 15 minutes of real show. Honestly, I plowed through an entire episode in 15 minutes. They stretch it to an hour! Holy nuts. Half (or more) of the people that watch the PIR are 75+. They could use that extra 45 minutes to do other stuff. Honestly CBS, you are wasting 3 hours and 45 minutes of everyone's time each week. Your entire show is a commercial, do you really need 45 minutes of ad time? I still love you though, PIR. Please don't be mad at me. Just tell Drew to sharpen up (no one wants to ask the fancy soundboard guy if they have 3 numbers right...they want to ask the ladies. Damnit, Drew - get it right).

Speaking of shows you can plow through, I also watched my DVR'd SNL last night. Between the PIR and SNL, I got in a good hour of tv. SNL seems to be improving. There was only one skit that featured the worthless Keenan, and not many more with that chick that thinks she black. I'm sure you've seen the Punched digital short, which was pretty funny, but the two things that made me laugh the hardest were these two videos.

1) Easily the funniest thing: Making fun of Notre Dame football. Not only do I hate ND, but this also makes me feel better about Nebraska's suck-ass season and laugh at the same time. Well done, SNL.

2) The second funniest thing is when the parodied Dane Cook's MLB Playoff commercials (which are linked here and atrocious).

What is the deal with major sports executives making bad commercials for the playoffs? At least Dane Cook's are better than D-bag Blaine's. In any case, that's three funny things in one episode (along with a couple other things that made me chuckle). It looks like SNL could be starting to improve.

If SNL could become funny again, they could begin to dominate the 11:30pm-12:30am CST humor time slot 6 nights a week (instead of their usual 5), thanks to my boy Conan. If you haven't seen this clip from a couple days ago, here's where Conan goes off because a fire alarm starts ringing.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Attack of Not-Hetero Videos

So yesterday, I got into a discussion about some of the clubs I went to when I was in Vegas. Outside of the outrageous cover and ridiculously priced drinks, they were a lot of fun. The best part of it all may have been watching my brother-in-law get one of those smiles on his face while looking at the club's dancers.

In any case, the discussion then moved to clubs in Lincoln, which are decidedly less extravagent (fortunately the drink prices match the ambiance). I've never been to one, but a little known fact about Lincoln is that it has it's very own prominent gay bar. I've never been (although, I have been invited by a guy once - not a gay guy, though. He was in my fraternity and it was to watch a burlesque show...this isn't making me sound any less gay...I didn't go) and I don't anticipate ever going, but I used to drive by it every night on my way home from school, so I could probably get there with my eyes closed (any less gay yet?).

Why so much talk about a gay club? Well, I just got word that some guy I know just came out of the closet. It's not all that big of a surprise - we all said were serious when we said he liked the cod piece - but its just like Chris Rock said, you may know, but you don't really know until they say it. Anyway, in honor of that, I've got a bunch of videos that I've been saving for a random occasion like this, so here's a couple of them with minimal added commentary from me.

We'll start with the most ridiculous break making video you'll ever see.

Here's Electric Six's "Gay Bar." Its moderately NSFW, but its all dudes, so not really. It's not as funny as Bear Force One but its still pretty ridiculous.

Here's one last video entitled "It's OK to Be Gay." Honestly, just mute this one and watch it for the extravagant costumes. They are soooooo unbelieveable. I mean, this is one of the gayest things I have ever seen. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Always Sunny In Phili

Hey everybody. I just got out of the coma that the Nebraska-Okie State beat down put me in. Turns out I had the 1000+ indicator on my reader...not good news. Despite all that, I tried to post a recap, but apparently I never hit the "Publish Post" button. All excuses aside, I think a 1 week recap streak is pretty awesome and also very beatable, so look for that to happen in the next few weeks.

Anyway, you may remember about
2 months ago when I included a clip from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," which I thought was pretty funny. Unfortunately, at the time I thought it was on HBO, not FX. Last week, I found out it is on FX and now it is added to my DVR subscription list. Outside of the aforementioned clip, it only took about 79 seconds to convince me this show is right up my alley.

When my boy Johnny D showed me that clip last week, it had like 100 views. Now it has over 20,000. I had to account for 500+. In fact, this post has been delayed about half-an-hour because I've been watching that Night Man video. Honestly, just watch that about 10 times and tell me you don't laugh harder each time. Fortunately, if you're scared of the Night Man coming into you, he can be fought by the Day Man.

That's not as funny as the Night Man, but still pretty funny. You can see how their live performance went here. As long as this isn't your first time reading this blog, it should be pretty obvious why this show appeals to me. Just for good measure, I'm leaving you with one last clip.

...Speaking of television, don't forget, the new PIR premiers today.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Casual Dress Friday: I'm a Man, I Use A Lot of Hair Product!

Unless you don't look at Internet video/watch TV, you've probably seen the Mike Gundy rant. I generally try not to include videos that everyone has seen here, but there's a link there if you haven't watched it. It's pretty funny.

If you didn't know (or couldn't tell from the Orange and Black OK State background in the video), Gundy is the head coach of Oklahoma State University. There's been a lot of ridiculous parodies of his rant (and some of them, while good ideas, are remarkably not funny). Ironically, outside of the original rant, the video I saw that made me laugh the hardest had nothing to do with the rant. Someone took a bunch of Gundy's photos and put one of the Bud Light's Real Men of Genious songs behind it.

I love those damn commercials. They always make me laugh. The guys who came up with those ads are truly real men of genius. You know who are not real men of genius? The guys who made this ridiculous Levi's commercial.

At what point did they think, "You know what? We're gonna have him roll up and down the bottom 2 inches of his pants and strut in a 1' x 1' area. It's gonna be awesome!" For all you marketing people out there, this is exactly how you don't make a commercial. At least that guy and Gundy could talk about hair styles.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Throwback Thursday: Bad Rap

I've often talked about bad rap (or bad lyrics in general) and we all know that I love to show you the ridiculousness that is classic music videos, but its not often I get to bring them together. Today, I present you with Joe "King" Carrasco's "Bad Rap".

Ok, so that's not really hip-hop. Sorry about that. I have no clue what the lyrics are to that song (I was mesmerized by the dance moves) but they have got to be atrocious. Plus the title is "Bad Rap" - that's got to count for something - even if its not rap. In any case, I think there may have been some ghost riding in that video which makes it ok with me.

Who is Joe "King" Carrasco? I have no clue. This video should help explain it a little better.

Apparently, he's gone crazy or, at least, become a hobo. Does anyone know where Joe Carrasco is now? He could be pushing one of those stolen shopping carts full of junk right now. Of course, I didn't know who Joe Carrasco was before this post (and to be honest, I have no clue right now while I'm writing this), so I guess he could be a bum I drive by every day and I'd never now. Tough break for that guy.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

R. Kelly Breaks the 4th Wall

Remember when R. Kelly released the DVD of Trapped in the Closet? I guess I didn't realize it, but there are 22 parts to that thing. 22! And you can watch all 22 parts for free here (I'm gonna be honest, I'm not sure why you'd do it except for the comedy - the midget that jumps out of the cabinet - part 10 I think - makes me laugh every time).

In any case, R. Kelly, has taken everything to a new level. With his new song, Real Talk. Not only does he sing in rhyme, but he also mixes in some communication directly to the audience.

Only R. Kelly could use the "Were there other guys in the same place as me because even though I was hooking up with those chicks they were probably there with another dude plus I gave you money to get your hair and nails done" defense as a way to get say he wasn't cheating.

And why are those dudes fighting in the studio? Did they just realize that R. Kelly had used that defense with them when he was at their daughter's high-school prom? "Were there other dudes at that prom? Were there other dudes? Yes, I was there and your daughter was there, but I didn't pee on her. Were there other dudes there? They probably peed on her. Didn't I give you money? Go ahead and burn my clothes. I don't give a f---." I guarantee you that one guy was already on edge because R. Kelly showed up at his daughter's prom, and now that other dude was jabbing him about it and then the fight broke out. Right in the middle of R Kelly's song. Let him finish the song boys. Can't you see its a work of art? Just like most things (but not everything) that Will Ferrell does.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Superman, Crank Dat and the Houdini

Alright, I've been trying to hold this post back until the Nebraska-Texas game, but after the first 2 weeks of Big 12 play, I'm not sure that I'll be alive, I may die with the Nebraska football program.

Anyway, you have undoubtedly heard the song Crank Dat by Soulja Boy. Its been all over the radio. Well there's a dance that goes with it as well, and you've probably seen it - you just may not know it yet. For instance, there have been a ton of college mascots performing the dance (hat tip: The Commission for the first spot on this). Of course, with this many people doing the dance, there has to be someone to teach it. Fortunately, Soulja Boy himself has put an instructional video on the Internets that has almost 10 million hits. 10 million?!? It must be instructional.

At this point you should have 2 questions: 1) What the hell is "Superman Dat Ho?" and 2) Are there more videos on the Internets of people dancing? Of course, you know I wouldn't let you leave with unanswered questions.

The first question is as easy as checking Urban Dictionary. The phrase "Superman dat Ho" most literally means (this crests the PG-13 boundary, so exercise caution kids):

When you ejaculate on a girl's back then put a blanket on her so when she stands up the blanket sticks therefore making her look like she has a cape.
In essence, it is a version of the Houdini, because, let's be honest, you're not just getting permission to superman your ho. Now you know.

To answer the second question, of course there is (there's about 100x as many as the awesome ghost riding videos). I was saving this for Texas because they do it on the sideline before games (they should prolly be working on not losing to KState). There's a ton of... Even Barney got in on the action. My favorite are these two, the first with two (presumably gay...not that there's anything wrong with that) guys, performing the dance with "technique."

The second video is three guys, two of which that dance awkwardly close together, breaking it down.

So now, go forth and begin Supermanning and/or Cranking Dat (that video even includes the Hiezman dance) with the latest (well, its not the latest, but it still growing) knowledge from the streets.

Monday, October 08, 2007

What Is The McDLT?

Do you watch 30 Rock? If not, you should. Generally, it is pretty funny. I'm pretty sure it got good ratings in its first season and the run of My Name Is Earl, 30 Rock and The Office is 2 hours of comedy that makes me really laugh (yes, I know some people don't like Earl, but I love it).

In any case, I don't know why, but 30 Rock appears to be blowing their load at the beginning of this season with tons of celebrity cameos, starting with Jerry Seinfeld. If you didn't watch it, this was one of the funniest clips.

Ironically, that is also how I felt this weekend after I witnessed Nebraska get demolished by the bastards at Mizzou first hand. Maybe that clip is only funny if you know the characters - I don't know. One person that probably will not be on that show is Jason Alexander, even though he was also funny on Seinfeld. Fortunately, he's got commercials to fall back on. Here's one featuring Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame selling a sandwich I've never heard of, the McDLT.

I guess that's pretty old - I think they actually tried to repackage that as the Arch Deluxe years later. I guess they couldn't afford Jason then. Its too bad because that prolly could have made it. Anyway, how about that full head of hair on George Jason. I can't tell if its a bad wig or if that's really how his hair looked. Either way, well done, Jason; although, I'm a little disappointed you couldn't get into this 80's commercial.

Just imagine if Jason, with all that hair, was jumping rope with that gigantic purple Dots candy guy.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Week In Recap: It's Saturday

It's Saturday, and you may be asking yourself why is there a new post on Saturday? The answer? I can't stop posting...just kidding. Really, if you're asking that question, I guess you should be asking yourself why you're reading this.

In any case, with the new posting style, I feel the recap makes much more sense on Saturday. Of course, it may not get posted on Saturday, but hopefully the recap will make it way more often than it has over the last few months.

Anyway, while you're reading this I'm either driving to Columbia, MO, hanging out in Columbia, watching a Nebraska/Missouri football game or, if you make it to Sunday, driving home from the game, on Sunday. Hopefully everything turns out well. We all remember what Mizzouri's Chase Daniel did last year - we can only hope for that or worse today. If nothing else, I hope this video of Erin Andrews, getting upset because the third take of some random tailgating piece didn't go as planned, gets you in the football mood.

If football doesn't do it for you (wha?), here's a video of Bobby Abreu's baseball bat breaking for no apparent reason last night. Watch the bat after he taps it on the plate. That was the second best part of that game, right behind the Yankees losing.

On To The Recap:

On Monday, I made it to Post #200. Unveiling the new posting style. Hope you've enjoyed it thus far.

We looked at the marketing power of Billy Dee Williams on Tuesday.

Eric Olsen showed us how bad of an actor he really is on Wednesday.

Vern Fonk Insurance videos were all over Friday's post.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Casual Dress Friday: Shipoopi

Its a Casual Dress Friday here at the Skeet Thrower, and, although you may not guess it by reading this blog, I spend a lot of time at nights doing grown up stuff. Whether its paying bills, cleaning or VPNing into work, I am pretty much always doing something grown up...unless I'm playing Wii or writing a post.

The benefit of staying up late to do grown-up stuff? I watch a lot of TV. For instance, most nights I try to watch QuizNation, especially when it is hosted by my girl Shandi (although now that real TV has started again, I tend to watch what I've recorded on my DVR). I don't know how many of you make it up this late to watch TV, but one of the best parts is the ridiculous commercials. For instance, I see the commercial for Endless Pools every night (if not a couple times a night). The damn commercial has one of the worst spokesman ever - Its a shirtless, 40-year-old dude with bad chest hair. Not who I'd want selling my pool.

That said, to be successful, I think all late night TV commercials should be ridiculous. For instance, check out these Vern Fonk Insurance commercials.

What is "Shipoopi?" I have no clue but I think I'm gonna start saying it. Listen closely in this next one, I think he says "Log on the intermet."

Now that's someone I'd buy something from. I don't even need insurance and I'm considering buying some where ever he's selling it.

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Eva Longoria's Sex Tape

Celebrity sex tapes are all the rage, so it was probably no surprise to you when you heard that Eva Longoria had one. Let's be honest though - I was seeing that tape. Not only do I love the San Antonio Spurs, but Eva is in my BCS Top 5. Well, it turns out that Funny or Die has the clip of her sex tape (it is SFW unless the green, nightvision stuff bothers you.

As I'm sure you can surmise, the whole thing was a fake. I guess the whole rumor started because some entertainment show did a teaser about an Eva Longoria sex tape and so some porn site put out a bunch of torrents saying that if you registered with them you could get exclusive access, and, BAM!, now you have one of the weekend's hottest rumors.

In other news, the guy in that video trying to do a Will Ferrell impression is also known as Eric Christian Olsen (aka Perry Hilton, I guess) of such movie fame as Not Another Teen Movie, Mean People Suck and The Hot Chick. Not impressed by his resume? Maybe another look at him trying to imitate Will Ferrell with help.

Still not funny? Yeah, I didn't think so either. Unless by funny you mean you want to punch him in the face. To make up for it, here's a ridiculous SNL skit with Will Ferrell.

At this point I just have one request two requests:

1) Can we keep Eric Olsen out of the spotlight? He's not funny and is trying to steal Will Ferrell's bit.

2) Can we please not have any more fake celebrity sex tapes please? There's nothing worse than waiting to see a grainy, taped-far-too-close, no makeup and shitty angled version of two people preparing for some skeet throwing and not getting it. Please.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Is Billy Dee More Influential Than 2Pac and Biggie?

As I have stated previously, I grew up listening to tons of hip-hop. I watched a lot of Yo! MTV Raps and young BET to learn all about some of my favorite hip-hop artists. Of course, some two of my favorites 2Pac and Biggie were killed in their prime. They did not die before they were able to create commercials for St. Ides Malt Liquor.

Here's Biggie's:

And here's 2Pac's (featuring Snoop):

I'm not sure why those commercials are such poor quality. It's probably because St. Ides spent their entire budget getting the rappers and then filmed the commercials on hand-held video cams. They should have just gone with Billy Dee Williams.

I've never heard of St. Ides, but I definitely know about Colt 45. Let this be a lesson to you: Billy Dee always comes through.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Post #200: Its Been A Long Journey

Well, I've finally made it to post #200. Finally. I've been waiting for this post for a long time (I started looking ahead to this post about 2 months ago!). Over the past 200 posts, I've had some good ideas, some great ideas and some ideas that didn't pan out so well. Just over the last 100 posts, I've moved from visiting a few websites a day to using a reader that now has over 130 subscriptions. I've also moved, started a new job, been offered to post for another blog and become waaaay less consistent in the whole posting thing.

What does all this mean for the Skeet Thrower? Nothing really. If like 5 seconds ago you were expecting a big life/blog announcement, you guessed wrong. I'll be back for more in the coming weeks almost like nothing changed. Except one thing: Something is changing.

You see, I talked with another blogger that was not Wheezy, Todd or Brandon when I was asked if I wanted to write for another blog (you'd think this was a big deal since I brought it up twice, but its not at all). His words of advice about blogging were, "Don't do it if you can't do it consistently." He, of course, was referring to both quantity and quality, and, since I have been consistently inconsistent since about June, I felt that I couldn't really do it (I wasn't sure I wanted to anyway).

But that got me thinking about all the Skeet Throwing I do here on the blizog. I don't post more than 3 times a week anymore, and when I do post, its a kinda-big undertaking because I attempt to find a bunch of links. While this is good, I feel that it can make reading my posts a burden - and no one wants skeet throwing to be a burden (and people miss half the links anyway). As a result, from post #200 on, you're going to see a new style on the Skeet Thrower. There are 2 big things that will change.

  1. Post content is going to be rolled back. No longer will I include 3-4 videos plus 10+ links in each post. I'm going to roll back to about 2 videos and a couple related links as necessary. This, for most people, would be considered a bad thing. And since the skeet thrower can't leave a bad taste in your collective mouths, here's the second point.

  2. I'm going to post more often - like every week day. Currently, I hope to get out 2-3 posts a week, but I'm jumping that expectation to 5-6 posts a week. So while the daily content may decrease, you should be getting more content. This will also allow me to write about a wider variety of things (its not like I'm locked in now) without feeling like I'm alienating a part of my audience by writing a post. If this were a verbal conversation, it is at this point that I'd hope you'd say "True," to which I would respond, "True" thus creating the Double True.

In any case, I hope you all will enjoy the new format. It should be better for all of us. As much as I love the Skeet Throwing, I miss the days when it only took me 20 minutes to throw something around - this 2 hour stuff kills my mojo.

At this point, you're like, "OK, MMMMMM. Friday you told us that you read too much and now were 5-10 minutes into post #200 and we're not getting a celebration, we're getting a f***ing blog novel. Can you get to some fun stuff please?" Fair enough. Although to be fair, you'd think after 200 posts you would have figured out that I can be a little wordy.

Rather than rolling post #100 styl-ee, I'm going to give you a taste of the new style with a few videos that may chronicle your thoughts throughout this post.

#1) When you realized how long this post was.

#2) Right after I said I'm scaling back my posts. I don't know what it is about this video, but I can't stop watching it. It's holy nuts.

#3) When you realized that I would be posting more (hopefully) and that there were actually videos in this post.

Change is a scary thing. I'm scared to. We'll get through this together.

Have a good week.