Friday, March 14, 2008

BCS: Man Crush List 2008

Last week I told you I was trying to find a way to stay fresh, and the Skeet Thrower Draft got a great response (be on the lookout for a new one next week). But just because you're staying fresh doesn't mean you have to throw away a staple of this blog. So, starting today, I'll be unveiling my 2008 BCS Lists. Today, the BCS Man Crush List.

Just to recap, here's the rules:

The Rules

  1. Anyone, real or fictional, can be a candidate for the man-crush list. Pretty much all this means is you can't just make someone up.
And that's it. It is pretty straight forward. I want to clarify 2 things at this point:

  1. I am not gay (not that there's anything wrong with that). That said, this is a man-crush list. Take it as you will.

  2. The man-crush list is kept at 3 (while my other BCS lists stretch to 5).
Anyway, without further ado, here it is.

The BCS Man-Crush List

3) Joel McHale
Joel hold's down the 3rd spot again this year. The Soup was one of the only shows that consistently produced through the writer's strike and I consistently looked forward to the half-hour with him each week. Plus he's got this video which is kinda applicable to this post.

2) Rainn Wilson

His ability to portray Dwight is amazing, but its the fact that he's funny at a lot of other stuff as well that gets him on this list. I don't really have any stipulations for making this list, but the fact that I will watch anything I find with Rainn Wilson is pretty telling.

Here's a couple creepy Rainn Wilson clips that you probably haven't seen. First, Rainn on CSI.

Second, Rainn on Six Feet Under (gracias to Wheezy for the hat tip).

It shows how talented of an actor he is that he can play those roles and still do this:

1) Michael Cera
Michael Cera takes the top spot on this year's BCS Man Crush list. Much like Rainn, I watch anything and everything that features Michael Cera (including all of these videos). He tops Rainn with some solid movies like Juno and Superbad. Plus, I get a half-chub just thinking about an AD movie. Also, I love retro polos. Anyway, here's an old clip.

And that's the man crush list. Sadly I had to remove Jack Bauer (no shows and I'm not watching the DVD's again...we've just grown apart) and Gilbert Arenas because he's been injured too much and his injury last year cost me a championship. That said, Gilbert almost made it because of these ridiculous shoe commercials.

On second thought, maybe it's better that he's a runner up...

Have a good weekend.


D Wheezy said...

Well done sir. I can safely say this is the best and most true BCS list you have ever come out with.

My BCS man crush list would probably just be "Arrested Development." But then again, that's not a man, but rather a show, and has a cast that includes several women.

This is why I leave this kind of stuff to the professionals.

Ross said...

Nice list. Mine goes

Also, as an fyi saying "gracias to wheezy for the hat tip" doesn't make sense. Just sayin.

Double M said...

What doesn't make sense, a "hat tip" or thanking someone for a hat tip?

Also, I'd be interested to know the last names of the Matts on your list...

Adam said...

I don't know what changes were made to the formula this year - but that's a pretty amazing list right there. Ashley's always a bit put off by the way I always comment on how much I like what Joel's wearing during the Soup - but frankly the guy looks like a million bucks up there.

And Michael Cera, absolutely. Can you even imagine being on the set w/ Michael, David Cross, and GOB? Unbelievable.

Not sure if you've seen some of these David Cross Mr. Show vids but they're worth it if you haven't - (semi-NSFW)