Sunday, October 08, 2006

Rooting for Leo

I grew up hating Leonardo DiCaprio. I rooted against him in movies. For instance, in Titanic I rooted against him - I yelled at him when he was floating in the water for not trading time on the door or swiming around to find another piece of wreckage.

But in "The Departed," I found myself rooting for him for the first time ever (I don't really count "Catch Me If You Can" because he went overboard after being initally cool). The Departed was really, really good.

Also, Chase Edmonds makes a cameo (playing the role of Berrigan) and anytime someone from 24 shows up you know its going to be good. Unfortunately, he is sporting a very bad haircut. It took forever to find it, but I found a mediocre shot of it - Chase is on the far left.

I won't spoil anything about the movie - because there are some really good plot twists - but it is well worth seeing.

This one isn't in the movie, it is just a bad haircut on Chase.

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