Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Someone's Been In My Box!!!

I finally got around to watching "The Nine" on Monday. It was pretty good - which, as a side note, further proves my "24" theory in which any show/movie that has a 24 character is going to be good (more on this in a later post).

Anyway, the highlight of the show is when Audrey's (that's her 24 name, I don't know her The Nine name) mom was complaining about someone having access to her safety deposit box. Only instead of saying that she kept said, "Someone got into my BOX! Someone has been in my BOX!" To which the principal from "Boston Public" said, "Mam, I can assure you no one has been in your BOX!"

Let me tell you principal/bank manager - someone had to get in her box, because Audrey is her daughter.

Hahahaha. I'm immature.

And with that - Happy Birthday, Ella.

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