Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Car Alarms

Today I had a delicous Chipotle burrito for lunch. Actually, it was a burrito bowl. On a side note Tuesday and Wednesday are one of those buy a burrito get one free down the road deals at Chipotle.

I digress - I was full from my burrito bowl and was getting in the back of my friend's car (by the way: Happy Birthday, Ross), and the car next to me started beeping. I wasn't touching it, I wasn't even looking at it, I was just about two feet from it. Turns out, it was an annoying proximity alarm on a crazy suped (maybe it is souped?) up ghetto truck.

Who uses non-factory car alarms anymore? I mean, do they provide any value? If I hear a car alarm going off, I generally just swear at it because I am pissed off about it annoying me. I definitely don't run to my window, cell-phone in hand ready to call the cops, checking to see if someone is stealing it. Honestly, is there still a business for car alarms? When someone is ranking how they should spend their cash, where does proximity car alarm rank?

If you are wanting to add some crazy stuff to you car, let me help you out - don't get a freaking car alarm. Buy a DVD player or a GPS unit - something that will provide some benefit to you. If someone wants to steal your car, they're going to get it. A stupid proximity alarm isn't going to save it.

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