Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Random Sporting News

Thank God Barry Collier is leaving Nebraska. That could not have happened soon enough. Barry staying could have cost us a streaky Austrailian, (However, Barry reportedly had plans to go watch Maric and swim with him and another streaky Austrailian center, Luc Longley, in the Indian Ocean - so maybe they're on better terms), our best asset (White) and another spanking by Creighton, a school that loves to root against accept during football season. Anyway, good luck and good ridance.

I was gonna post this the other night and then all of the Bomar stuff came out. What an idiot. Turns out this might hurt my boys at NU indirectly as Iowa State might have a chance to beat Oklahoma this year. Might.

Speaking of Nebraska, fall camp started today and I am excited. More on this later, because this should be its own post.

Brian Finneran is hurt. Tore his ACL and is out for the season. Wait, who? Finneran, you know the 3rd string WR from Atlanta who was okay, but not great last year. However, now I know that I need to not draft him in the 11th round of my fantasy draft. That is why I love fantasy football.

I loved Harold Reynolds, specifically, the Harold Reynolds sound clip on the "Sports Bash" on ESPN radio. Both Reynolds and his sound clip will be sorely missed (I assume they can't play it anymore). Honestly, I hope it was differences with production and not sexual harrassment that got him fired. Not beacuse I don't want to think he's trying to score with the help but because I hope someone is standing up to ESPN and telling them how bad their programming is sometimes.

....And Jared Jefferies, 5-year $30 million? -Bush. League. I don't even like the Knicks - in fact I generally root against them. I have Isaiah Thomas' autograph on an all-star game hat from when I was younger. He has been slowly driving the value of that signiture into the ground. Bastard. Isaiah, if I see you in the streets, I'm gonna come at you like a spider monkey.

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