Monday, August 07, 2006

Pop Ice

I love pop ice - you know those long, thin popsicles that are frozen and full of sugary deliciousness. I could go on, but I believe that some random dude on the internet says it best (well, ok not best, but pretty good and I'm too lazy to write a better one):

One and a half ounces
of sweetness
of frozen, syrupy sweetness
slipping between my lips.

Cool this warm night;
numb my tongue
and turn it blue
or red
or green.

I cannot stop at one;
I have another
and soon,
brain freeze
forehead throbbing
yet I cannot stop.

Pleasure and pain
frosty and sugary
the freezer is empty
I'll have to buy more
Pop Ice.

An Ode to Pop Ice

1 comment:

Meghan said...

If you like pop ice, you should try the Iggy Juice at Iguana's. It tastes like a glass of melted pop ice. Yum.