Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Get Off You High Horse

I know I just posted some questionable pictures of Chuck Woolery, but its time to pause for a second to ponder something serious.

"Get off your high horse!" is what my boy Pulvy has to tell my Jewish doctor friend, Nomar, but its also a derivation of a quote from a columnist I love to read, Jason Whitlock. The guy is based out of KC and up until last week he also worked for ESPN. He decided to leave to go work for AOL Sports (who knew there was an AOL Sports?). Big deal, right? Well, he was "fired" before his two weeks were up, and removed from all future connections with the world-wide leader because he decided to take some parting shots on a blog called The Big Lead. He would then address ESPN and his comments in his article in the KC Star.

Maybe he shouldn't have been so down and dirty, but a lot of what he said is really true. First, ESPN hates being bashed and second, Scoop is bush league. But what's more interesting is the things he says about letting "these clowns bojangle for dollars." - A very interesting read about his view of the African-American culture, writing and the deevolution of Page 2 (something I used to read religously and now I never check).

Anyway, its good stuff and Whitlock is pretty good if you get a chance to read him - he writes about KC stuff a lot which is cool too.

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