Monday, September 11, 2006

Random Sporting News

Well, my fantasy QB's were awesome this weekend, throwing for 1 TD and 6 INTs, netting me an approximate total of 2 points. Well played. Douchebags. To top it off, the rest of my team forgot to show up as well and now I'm hoping my kicker can get me the win. Great way to start the season.

In news not surrounding my life as a fantasy GM, according to the Omaha World Herald, the Huskers want to beat USC. Awesome - thanks for the ground breaking reporting.

Also, a basketball recruit named, Sallie might not qualify. He is supposed to be pretty good, but his name is Sallie, so I'm not sure about him.

From a more positive spin, game day will be at NU-USC this weekend so that will be cool. Nice to get the home team some big time national coverage.

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johnny said...

i played pickup ball with sallie, marcus neal, and charles richardson at the courts across from CPN this summer - sallie wasn't impressive. playing against guys who were awful, he still didn't do shit. you know how richardson never shoots during games - he hit like every shot he tooks from everywhere on the court.