Tuesday, September 19, 2006

White & Nerdy...

I was writing this blog and I had MTV's Parental Control on and the mom just grabbed the boyfriend's face and said "Listen to me: You are not getting in my daughter's pants anymore and you are not getting into my husband's pants anymore! You're out." This is before he's out, of course, but HOLY NUTS! He's not only hitting the daughter but the pops too?!? That's some crazy stuff.

Anyway, onto the main point of the blog - I tend to enjoy Senor Weird Al. Amish Paradise was one of my favorite songs that he remade. Well, after a long absence (which, to tell you the truth, was prolly good because people forgot how annoying he could be sometimes), he's back with an awesome new song "White & Nerdy" (a cover of "Ridin' Dirty").

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