Friday, September 14, 2007

Casual Dress Friday: No Longer Will Sticking It In Be Allowed

It's a Casual Dress Friday and I'm gonna fill you into a little secret about myself: I don't follow Virginia Tech football. I never really disliked or liked them, but I always rooted for them to beat those bastards down at Miami. Obviously, I knew about the pre-dogfighting Vick brothers, Frank Beamer's face and their special teams, but not much else. One rumor I had heard about Virginia Tech football home games was that fans would chant "Stick it In" in goal line situations. I never really believed it though, and I assumed that, even if it did happen, it was a small portion of people. Well, thanks to a sweet find from The Wizard of Odds I now have proof that this happens.

It turns out that the band actually plays a song called "Stick It In" that people would chant with. Impressive (Nebraska band, you should be taking notes).

Unfortunately, I will never get to experience this tradition as Virginia Tech administration has outlawed sticking it in because they deem it lude. Bush league, VT. Real bush. I guess I'll have to go to Oregon. What's next, are you going to be eliminating your sensitivity training?

See what happens? If you tell people they can't stick it in, then they're gonna find other ways to express themselves. Next thing you know, you're gonna end up with guys like this that graduate from your university.

Ok, so I have no clue whether he graduated from VT, in fact, I would guess he didn't, but he is in Bowling Green, KY which is close enough. Fortunately, I am now distracted by ridiculous news clips like this from the World Wide Leader.

I guess that's not so much ridiculous as it is a blooper. I'm impressed that ESPN doesn't run on a tape delay to catch stuff like that. You'd think everyone would run on at least a little tape delay, lest something like this should happen.

Ah, yes. Nothing like a little Chuck Storm to finish out the week.

Have a good weekend.


TK said...

Dude, that Chuck Storm clips is amazing. I've watched it seven times already.

D Wheezy said...

I'm in the airport watching the "Boom goes the dynamite" clip... and people are staring on account of the laughter.

LauraJean said...

Yeah I had to show my roommates the Chuck Storm video because they were wondering why I was laughing so hard.