Monday, September 10, 2007

Football is in Full Effect

Well, its September and one of my favorite traditions - the football season - has arrived. This weekend the football kicked into full effect with an entire weekend of college and NFL games. What does this mean? Basically every weekend from now until January, I will be sitting in front of my TV and my computer watching games and scores from about 11am to 10pm. Good times. Of course, since I'm sitting in front of a computer, you'd think this would increase the number of blog posts I make, but this has not held true after NFL week 1.

Of course, football season means its time for fantasy football. This year, I upped myself from 1 FFL team and one pick-em to 4 FFL teams, 2 NFL pick-ems and 2 college pick-ems. I've gone overboard. I couldn't even tell you who to root for this week because I had too many conflicting players. For the first time, in one of my leagues, I own Peyton Manning and I didn't have to play against him in any other leagues this week. This made it easy to root for a guy that I generally make fun of a lot. That said, I was very impressed with Peyton's SNL appearance. After it aired the first time, I only saw a few clips, but it was rerun on Saturday and I DVR'd the whole thing On a side note - I've decided SNL is a prime DVR show - there's really only about 45 minutes of skits and you can probably fast forward through about 20 minutes of them (for instance, anything that features Keenan). But I digress - Peyton had me laughing quite a few times, such as in this skit.

Thank God Keenan had a towel there or he could have ruined the whole skit Jimmy Fallon style. I'll let it slide though since that funny cop from Superbad was trying no to laugh as well. Also, I guess Peyton doesn't make me laugh as much there as the guy that's in The Brother's Solomon (which is just getting slaughtered on Rotten Tomatoes). I guess his name is Will Forte (I don't think Will Forte even says anything in that clip). He's no Will Arnett.

And you think that I only remembered Will Arnett from Arrested Development

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D Wheezy said...

I think my favorite part from that 30 Rock clip was actually a Tina Fey line.


Will Arnett's gotta be careful with his film choices. I think he did fine with Blades of Glory, but with crap like Brothers Solomon and this... I'm getting worried.