Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What Did I Do This Summer?

Two of my big plans at the beginning of the summer included making sure I drafted Drew Brees very high in my fantasy football drafts and watching a lot of movies. As I'm watching Bress single-handedly destroying the only fantasy team on which I got him (seriously, 5 turnovers...d-bag), I realized that since fall has officially begun, the summer movie season is over (I'm pretty sure it was over after Super Bad came out, but I'm not sure - maybe there were a few more movies. When did the Bourne Ultimatum come out? I'm not sure.). Anyway, at this point, I can look back over the movies I saw and the onesI missed but had originally wanted to see and give you a quick (1-2 sentence rundown).

  • Pirates 3 - Didn't see it. Heard it was ok. Waiting for DVD.

  • Shrek 3 - Didn't see it. Heard it was subpar compared to I & II. Waiting for DVD.

  • Spiderman 3 - Saw it. It was ok but I was kinda bored. Thought they underused Venom.

    Fortunately, someone came up with a video of how Spiderman 3 should have gone (here's a 30 second recap of 1 & 2 if you forgot what happened).

Oh well. I guess it was better than Spaderman (spoiler: there's an Ackbar cameo!)

What was I talking about...ah yes, movies.

  • Knocked Up - Brilliant. DVD comes out today.

  • Evan Almighty - Didn't see it because I heard too many bad things. That said, Steve Carrell's part as Evan is one of my favorite parts of Bruce Almighty, so I'll see this on DVD.

  • Live Free or Die Hard - Awesome. If you love Die Hard, you'll love this. Also, if you didn't watch that Die Hard music video, do it.

  • Transformers - A near perfect representation of my second favorite toys growing up behind Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (with Transforming Turtles somewhere in between) but ahead of Lego's (how did they make black Lego's).

  • License to Wed - Shorty wanted to see this, but I think the last funny thing Robin Williams did was that stand-up he did on HBO.

  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry - I like Kevin James (I actually think he was really funny in Hitch) and Adam Sandler made me cry when I first saw Happy Gilmore, but I didn't see it. As you can tell, there are too many movies on this list when you factor in other things like tv and sleeping (and moving and working I guess).

  • Superbad - My favorite movie of the summer. This was like the best of 40 Year Old Virgin meets American Pie. Some people didn't like this, but after a clip like this, how can you not like this movie.

  • The Simpsons Movie - Saw it. Felt like I just watched a 90 minute episode of The Simpsons. Take it or leave it. The season premiere of the TV show started with an intro that picked up from the movie if you saw it.

  • Bourne Ultimatum - Wanted to see it, but it didn't make it.

  • Rush Hour 3 - Didn't see it. Did you know Chris Tucker was still alive. Who didn't love Friday. I liked the first 2 Rush Hours, but I have to assume it was exactly the same as the first two.

As you can see, there are a bunch of movies I didn't even consider seeing. For instance, Ratatouille (which I heard was good), Harry Potter (never seen any of them) or Daddy Day Camp. Did you know that Daddy Day Camp was directed by Fred Savage and featured Cuba Gooding. Jr. picking up a role that Eddie Murphy refused. What the hell happened to you Cuba? You were awesome in Jerry Maguire and made me tear up in Radio. Then you were perfect in Boat Trip. Nevermind. If you were going to do a crappy sequel, you should have tried to get in on Spiderman.

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