Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Britney Dwight in a Bra

I watched parts of the VMAs on Sunday night (I DVR'd it and am waiting to watch the full broadcast with my wife). I immediately came here and began to write a post about how bad Britney Spears's performance was (some people have ripped her for looking bad, but I don't think that's the case at all. Is she as tight as before? No. But she's also had two kids and been on coke/meth/somthing. Cut her some slack). Then there was media overload that reminded me of the whole Miss USA fell down thing. By now, I'm sure you're sick of it, so I'll just refer you to an old post where I talk about Britney to state my feelings.

So, if you've heard enough about Britney in her bra, what do you want to hear about? How about Dwight Schrute in a bra! I don't know if you've seen the commercials for the US women's soccer team featuring Jim Mike. Now, I know your first reaction is "Wait. Dwight can't be Jim!", this is true (except for one time). Fortunately, Dwight is actually an actor named Rainn Wilson (I know that's a Dwight clip), so he can act as other people. Amazing. Want to see proof? I've included the five (5!) commercials below. Since they're commercials, they're short, so you shouldn't feel guilty for watching them.

The first three commercials are about Jim Mike auditioning for his position.



#3 (this one is my favorite)

I know what you're thinking "Funny, but didn't you promise me Dwight in a bra?" Why yes I did and its a rule of mine that anytime I promise someone a man in a bra, I deliver. On a side note, it is also a rule of mine to never trust a man with two first names. This would disqualify Jim Mike from ever entering my circle of excellence trust. Anyway, without further ado, here's Dwight Schrute/Jim Mike/Rainn Wilson in a bra.

There seems to be a new one every day. As I was writing this, I saw a new one and had to update the post. Here's the final commercial to date.

If you watched the commercials, you saw the motto "Greatest team you've never heard of" (which is grammatically incorrect, Jim Mike) but also very similar to this blog's unofficial motto "The 4th greatest non-daily pop-culture black-hole blog that you have heard of because your reading this but that most people haven't heard of." See the similarities? They even end with the same grammatical incorrectness. I should look into whether Jim Mike stole this from me...I knew I couldn't trust that guy.

* I forget who originally sent me those commercials, and for that I am sorry. Thanks though - those are awesome.


Ross said...

Yeah, no problem. I'm easy to forget. Really, no big deal.

Double M said...

Oh. Thanks, Ross.

You know, it be a lot easier to not forget you if you weren't a d-bag.

Ben said...

hey ross who sent them to you?

Ross said...

Some guy I know. I think he's also a d-bag.