Monday, April 21, 2008

Chinese MC Hammer

Quick business to get out of the way:

- I told you on Friday to watch the Suns-Spurs match up and it didn't disappoint. The first game had an NCAA tourney style feel with a bonus 3 pointer from Tim Duncan.

- Here is a simulation of a conversation I have had like 6 times this weekend:
"Random Person: Question - Is that Kobe commercial real?
Me: Answer - False."

That's real life ladies and gentlemen. Do you really think that Kobe or the Lakers or his agent or the shoe company or anyone who understands how much Kobe is worth right now (the NBA will make millions with him in the playoffs) would actually tell him to go jump a speeding car? I could write a whole post about this.

- There's only one pick I'd like to change after watching the first games: Utah wins in a sweep. Also, Jon, if it makes you feel any better, Utah threw that game in San Antonio last week because their playoff seeding was a lot better that way.

- Wheezy said in the comments that there were Hammer pants one of the videos (its the LeBron one) and that reminded of this video. So here's an awesome MC Hammer dance by some Asian kid in his living room (while his mom sows and doesn't flinch?!?)

Have a good week.


TK said...

Fan. Tas. Tic. Post. I can't wait to be reading you in some major publication or website. Good times from first word to last.

Double M said...

I'm glad you enjoyed. Nothing lets me know I nailed a post like when periods between syllables.

As for a major website...I'll let you know when that happens. It's always good to know someone other than my dog has faith in me.

snowpunter said...

Yes, but it was the WAY they tanked. It was pathetic. And the seeding has obviously worked out better for us, especially after we sweep the Rockets.

Now I get to pray for the refs not Kobe-ing us in the next round...

Double M said...

If you don't think its gonna be LA vs. Boston in the finals you're not paying attention. The Spurs win every other year because the NBA is rigged every other year - 1 year for ratings (non-Spurs win), the next year to convince people that its not rigged for ratings (Spurs win).

I'm afraid this year is one of those rigged years and we're gonna be stuck with the Lakers vs. Celtics for 2 huge markets, 2 big personalities, and a classic finals throwback.