Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dumb Song And Dance Edition

I feel like I owe you an explanation. I have been building my emergency bunker in case Kansas somehow defied odds and failed to choke. Which they did(?!?), and now, sadly, this will be my last post as I retreat to my bunker and pray to God to save me from the apocalypse.
Actually I was up visiting my new favorite NFL team and then I was at a wedding in Houston. I left my laptop with my wife, so I was computerless except for my phone which isn't quite a smart phone so my browsing is limited.

In any case, I'm coming back to with 2 ridiculous videos.

The first is some sort of ridiculous commercial for a laser synthesizer. Its bad enough at the start, but wait until it gets to the rock band part...

Brief side note, my wife has a synthesizer/keyboard thing and on the "DJ 2" setting you can make all kinds of crazy sex noises with the thing. They probably weren't intended to be sex noises, but they definitely sound like sex noises. I'm not sure if this keyboard has sex noises but I would recommend not buying it if it doesn't, because, I'm telling you, that's the best part of Shorty's keyboard. To be fair, I wouldn't really recommend buying this thing at all. You'd look like a douche while playing it.

Speaking of looking like a douche, here's a new dance "craze" (and I use quotations because if I haven't seen it in the club then its probably not really a craze), the Dança do Quadrado is a Brazilian thing (so its Portuguese - which slowed me down on the whole FreeTranslation front), and it means Dances of the Square in English. I'll say this - if you don't laugh while watching this, you either know this dance or hate midgets.

I think they are just making that up as they go. What dance involves being mounted by a midget while doing push-ups. I can't tell who I feel worse for, the people in that video or the kid from the beamz lazer music thing above that is about to attacked by that old man.

Hope you had a good weekend.

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