Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday = FAIL Day

Quick Skeet Thrower update. If you come to the site, you may notice a little change in the top left corner of my blog. Well, I've finally decided to make the jump to Twitter. I didn't really have any great reason to do it - other than to bitch about random people when I'm not at a computer - but I've finally got a decent idea:

There are times when I add items to my shared feed that I really want to comment on something or point out something specific in the article. Well, Twitter will allow me to do that. So, if you want to get updates from me throughout the day, you can follow me on Twitter, or subscribe to my Twitter RSS feed. The nice thing about Twitter is that the messages are all less than 160 characters, so its not like there's a lot of extra stuff.

Anyway, today is FAIL day. First, we're going to see a failure at singing combined with a stalkerish video from some chick named Haven Nutt (who just happens to be the daughter of new Ole Miss coach, Houston Nutt) - you'd think with a last name like Nutt that you wouldn't be wanting to draw attention to yourself, but Nutt,Haven powers through and gives us this awesome/ridiculous video.


Not to be outdone, Heidi Montag decided to try and rap the other day on TRL. It was a train wreck. Now I love bad rap videos, but this may take the cake. I have watched this like 30+ times.

Here's the lyrics in case you were too busy laughing:

Yo, yo
I got Heidiwood
I’m wearing it all day
I like it, so what do you got to say
You got apple bottoms, what
You know what’s going up
Um, keep going, I’ll keep flowing
You know what I like to say
Everyday, I’m in New York
It’s all good this way

God help us all if she's a future celebrity...

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