Friday, November 17, 2006

A.C. Slater Oh My!

I'm floored. My wife just watched the end of Dancing with the (B-C list) Stars Deuce (ok, I was sitting here with her) and Emmitt Smith (probably the only bonafied star on the show) just won. And he was damn good too.

I was prepared for Slater in all of his glorious gayness to win. In fact, I had already written a post about it (which is why this post is delayed). So, rather than getting rid of all of my old work, I decided to simply post this little prelude to my previous post. So, while its not technically correct, enjoy.

AC Slater just won Dancing With The (not-really) Stars two. First, is he still considered a star? Seriously. For that matter, excluding Emmitt Smith, would any of those people be considered "stars" anymore? Anyways, you may be asking yourself: Why in the hell does he know this? Well, I'm a pop culture nut. And maybe a little gay.

Anyway, in celebration of his win, I have posted this sweet clip entitled "Brokeback By The Bell." If AC is considered a star, this is what made him one, so enjoy the awesome scenes between him and Zach.

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