Monday, November 20, 2006

Someone Trying to Hack My Blog and How Not to Rob a Store

I really didn't do anything this weekend. I watched a lot of Season 4 of 24 (its really good and for as much as I love Bauer, I haven't seen it yet), watched a lot of college football and played quite a bit of Nintendo Wii (which is quite possibly the coolest inventions of my life time - that's right it may be up there with cell phones and the internets). I'm sure you'll hear me talk about the Wii in the future.

Anyway, I came home and pulled up my computer and found out some bastards had found a backdoor in my FTP and hacking into my CPU. They hadn't really done anything yet, but since they had turned off my virus scanner and my num lock (!?!), I assumed something was coming. So, I'm tracking you SOB's - if you read this. Although, if you read this, you prolly already know way to much about me, and now I'm a little scared. I should call Jack Bauer.

So to commemorate someone trying to hack my computer (say that last sentence in your nerdiest voice), I leave you with a video showing how not to rob a store.

I've had this video in waiting, but I think Gorilla Mask beat me to the punch. Damn you, internets!

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