Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Sackrider Emerges

In light of my post about Moore. Good. Dick. (Linky here!), I have decided to unveil a college football player's profile that I've been holding for sometime.

This guy's name is Kyle Sackrider. Good times.

Some important stats about the Sackrider:

- Third-year walk-on adds depth at tight-end
- [The Sackrider] has added 40 pounds to his frame since the beginning of the 2003 campaign
- [The Sackrider] had an 8-yard reception in the April 2 scrimmage
- [The Sackrider] had two catches for 12 yards in the April 24 scrimmage
The Sackrider has an illustrious scrimmage career

- [The Sackrider] was a two-year starter for Coach Ed Greenman at Harper Creek High School
- [The Sackrider] earned three letters in track (in high school)
- [The Sackrider] lettered in tennis as a freshman, advancing to the state tournament
- [The Sackrider] graduated from Harper Creek with a 3.5 grade-point average
Do we really have to list his high school accomplishments? He's done that little? Honestly, there's like 7 lines of them on his profile.

- [The Sackrider] is the son of Mark and Nancy Sackrider
Who doesn't want to meet Nancy Sackrider?

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Dale said...

hey now - lets not make fun of the Sackrider gang -- I'm damn proud of my name!