Friday, November 10, 2006

Aggie Nut Squeeze

In honor of the Nebraska game tomorrow, I thought I would share a little scene from a Texas A&M football game earlier this year.

For some reason these dudes squeeze their nuts. I believe its called BallBusting. Idiots. Who wants to bust your own balls?

Look at the dude with the glasses. I think he may have actually busted one of his one balls.

Now that you've watched it, you should know that someone told me this is not dumb or gay because the ancient Greeks did it. You know, the people that where notoriously famous for gay orgies and their obsession over having sex with young boys. Great comparison. Not dumb and/or gay. Not at all.

If you're seeing this in the, click the here or the "View original post" link on this page to see the video on my blog.

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