Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bush League Thriller with Fake MJ

Who doesn't love Michael Jackson's Thriller? I believe I was 6 when MTV premiered the music video, but I remember how excited my babysitters' were to watch it so I watched it with them.

That music video changed my life - partly because I had a few nightmares (I was only 6!) and partly because it began my love for non-pop music (ie, hip-hop). And its not just me - people that are a few years older than me tell me that the Thriller premier was something you had to watch.

Anyway, apparently this guy doesn't love Thriller, because he not only butchers the dance, but he murders the song and the video concept.

I hope I never meet this person in a back alley or I'll give him the "Beat It" treatment.

If you're seeing this in the Facebook.com, click the here or the "View original post" link on this page to see the video on my blog.

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