Monday, November 06, 2006

Bob Barker is Ghandi...Woolery for PIR

You may think I have a man crush on Chuck Woolery - I don't (I save my man crushes for more powerful men like Jack Bauer) - anyway, I have had two reported sightings of the Wollery selling property on infomercials, so I had to find them on the internets...and, I did. But I couldn't just show you C-Dub's lows, so I also found a copy of him a the peak of his life, hosting the Wheel of Fortune.

That said, with the news of Bob Barker's pending retirement, I am officially starting the Chuck Wollery for Price Is Right campaign. Who would be better then C-Dub on the PIR? The only correct answer is no one.

Sorry about the link to Woolery - I couldn't make the video autoplay and I didn't want it playing anytime someone came to the page.

Chuck On The Wheel:

Check out the sweet purple-pinkish suit!

Chuck Doing Infomercials

Chuck Selling White Bluff Stuff

If you're seeing this in the, click the here or the "View original post" link on this page to see the video on my blog.

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