Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Testosterone Week: Who is Jenn Sterger?

Welcome back to testosterone week. In the interest of full disclosure, you should know that the NBA commercials post has been delayed until next week.

Also, apparently Google thinks that Testosterone Week is gay. When I came to the Skeet Thrower to write today's post, much like in Wheezy's post, I saw an ad that asks - Are You Gay?

Last time I checked, I have a wife (see I do mention you, Shorty) and I'm not really a huge fan of cod pieces, so I'm not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Ironically, when I clicked through some of my posts,the only time the ad came up was on Monday's post and and a post with Catalina from My Name Is Earl dancing dressed like a nappy ho wearing the opposite of a lot of clothing.

Here's the visual proof of the ad:

Bastards. Looks like we need something to man it up. Mr. T should help us get it going.

I don't remember that commercial, but I wish Snickers still used the slogan Get Some Nuts. That is awesome.

Anyway, today I wanted to bring someone and something to your attention. You may or may not know who Jenn Sterger is. 'Round the internets I guess she is known as the "Facebook (.com) Princess" because she had a NSFW album that she posted on The of her and some friends known as the FSU Cowgirls (NSFW). If you were in college when I was in college, you saw that album.

So, predictably she went onto Maxim and Playboy. But her next career move surprized me. Somehow, she got a blog on Sports Illustrated. How in the hell did that happen? Of course, as you expect, SI has a gallery of Jenn Sterger pics as well.

Since I hadn't read any of her stuff before, and I heard that she wanted to go onto be a lawyer, I decided to read through some of it. I found a mailbag where she commented on Britney Spears (NSFWish).

Ah, Brtiney (that's a Britney video link - what do you think), what better way to celebrate Testosterone Week. In high school she may have topped my BCS list. Now, sadly, she doesn't even come close. That said, she is starting to look better. Kinda.

Britney's fall from grace is prolly one of the most disappointing things that happened in my life time. Right up there with American Gladiators going off-air (along with all of its copy-cats) and Hulk Hogan turning on Randy Savage. I hope she returns to form, kinda like Christina changed from nappy ho back to hottie (neither of those are particularly SFW).

In any case, you know what will never fall from grace? High-School Chicks Mad TV Sweet ninja fights like this one:

That's right, that is a young Bruce Lee fighting Chuck Norris. Good times. Manly times.


D Wheezy said...

I'm really glad that I don't currently hold an occupation so that I can click on the ridiculous number of NSFW links on your blog today without hesitation.

Now I shall go eat my dinner of crackers and ketchup.

D Wheezy said...

My second video contribution to Testosterone Week

Natron said...

American Gladiators is back on ESPN classic