Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Miss Universe 2007

Did you guys hear that Miss USA fell down in the Miss Universe competition (this is the same contest where Miss Puerto Rico, the winner, passed out last year)? If you didn't there's a clip here. Although I'm not sure how you didn't hear about it - it was everywhere. In any case, we all know the real reason people watch those competitions is for the bikinis (what do you think, NSFW).

What you may have missed in all of the coverage of the trip was that my boy Tony Romo was a judge. First, he bangs Carrie Underwood (she cleaned up nicely, huh), now he gets this. Dallas should be thanking God everyday that they have him because here is a video of Dallas' other mega-sports star:

One of those men was the NBA MVP last year. No wonder ratings are at an all-time low. By the way, did you guys here that Miss USA fell down at the Miss Universe competition?

Anyway, apparently the Miss Universe contest was tainted as Miss Sweden pulled out saying that these contests don't represent the modern woman (prolly NSFW). What in the hell did you think you were doing? You clearly had to win a few contests to get to this point - you waited until now to pull out? Don't you think that is a little late at this point? I mean once you get this far, it doesn't really hurt anymore to finish does it?

So, after the Miss Sweden pull out, Miss Japan (her job is: "dancer!") ended up wining the thing. Since when did we start letting the Asians beat us at anything. This is Miss Universe damnit. How do we not win this? Oh, you mean we've won the most all-time. Well, ok then, I guess.

Sadly, I didn't have the privelege of watching get to watch the Miss Universe pageant. Although, I wish I would have - did you guys hear that Miss USA tripped? My favorite part is always the Q&A (and why is it A.C. Slater not Zach Morris hosting this?), which rival the interviews given by the gladiators on American Gladiators.

Make sure you make it to the interview at the end of that clip. Outside of the interview, the best part of the clip may be the rare appearance by a backup gladiator, Bronco, who promptly gets his ass-kicked. Good times. Almost as good as Miss USA falling down - did you guys hear about that?


D Wheezy said...

Wait a minute... Miss Puerto Rico passed out at a press conference last year?

Thanks for the Broncos clip buddy. That makes my heart happy amidst all the non-football sports coverage.

You think backup gladiators are forced to cut their hair short, or are they just benched until they can get it out past an acceptable level?

Ross said...

Hey Wheezy, did you know that Miss Puerto Rico passed out at a press conference last year?