Wednesday, May 28, 2008

F--- You NBA Funny Videos for your Wednesday

I was a very not happy person last night (I don't wanna talk about it). Fortunately, I finished running (I ran 7 more miles than planned, but whatever) and was able to come back and find a couple videos to cheer me up. So, I've passed them along to you.

The first is a red band trailer for the upcoming Will Ferrell movie, Step Brothers. It's definitely NSFW.

Does Will Ferrell change character? No. Will it make me laugh? Yes.

Here's another video ridiculous movie related video. Here's Arnold's commentary related to Conan: The Barbarian. It's worth a watch. Trust me.

Finally, here's a Different Strokes episode featuring the A-Team (that means Mr. T is there folks). Oh yeah, it's also dubbed over in Japanese. If you ever wanted to hear what Mr. T sounds like in Japan, here's your chance.

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