Friday, May 09, 2008

NBA Round 2 Preview

Well, we are now 2-3 games deep in every 2nd round playoff series, but I promised an NBA 2nd round preview, so here it is.

But before I give you the preview, I'd like to take a moment to congratulate myself on a thrilling victory in last weeks Skeet Thrower Draft on Playground Games. It is very satisfying to win a draft and I celebrated by having a glass of OJ.

Onto the preview:

Eastern Conference

Boston (1) vs. Cleveland (4)

The NBA is rigged this year so picking against the Celtics would be dumb. Not to mention the fact that the Celtics have at least 3 players that can actually play basketball at a high level while the Cavs only have one (although he's a really good one). Celtics probably win in 5, but it might go 6 if the Celtics forget to play defense on the road again. Boston's already up 2-0

Celtics (the Van Gundy part of this commercial always makes me laugh):

Cavs (this is a funny video back from when The Rock was a bad guy):

Detroit (2) vs. Orlando (3)

Detroit should win this series, earning the right to get beaten by the Celtics. Detroit is good, but not that good and this will probably go 6 or 7 games. That said, Detroit's 2nd best player justpulled his groin/hamstring, so Orlando may have a chance. I'd still go with Detroit. Detroit is up 2-1

Detroit (here's a ridiculous Detroit Pistons cartoon from a few years ago):

Orlando (here's an awesome video that I've posted before with Shaw, LeBron, and Orlando's Dwight Howard dancing):

Western Conference

LA Lakers (1) vs. Utah (4)

The Lakers don't even need the leagues assistance to beat Utah. Utah's playoff MO for the last 2 years (when they lose) is to put up one bad quarter, get down by double-digits, rally late in the 4th only to fall a few points short. This has and will happen again in this series. Plus, Derek Fisher screwed them (to be fair, he left to be closer to his family and the Jazz helped him out, but his knowledge of Utah's system is really messing with their mojo). Lakers should win in 5. Lakers lead the series 2-0

Lakers (here's an old Lakers video I've posted before...):

Utah (I may change my opinion of Jazz fans after this):

New Orleans (2) vs. San Antonio (3)

The Hornets really surprised me with how easily they beat a self-destructing Dallas team and I think the Spurs blew their load beating Phoenix. The homer in me says Spurs in 7, but the basketball guy in me says this is the worst match-up the Spurs could have gotten and the Hornets win in 6. I guess the Spurs losing wouldn't be all bad since my work may have a connection there once the season ends. Hornets lead this one 2-1

Hornets (this is an old commercial from a player on the Hornets):

Spurs (this is just a WTF video):

Here's one final video from the NBA on TNT the other night. It's been all over the place in the sports world, but its pretty funny. Charles Barkley gets duped on a teleprompter trick.


snowpunter said...

And you thought it was impossible to get alcohol in Utah ;)

Word on the street is that Boozer has some personal issues going on which is the reason behind his recent sucktacular performance.

I think its due to the fact that the Jazz will forever be the team that gets Ever-So-Close and then chokes it away.

BTW, you hit it on the head with the lets-suck-for-a-quarter-and-make-it-close-in-the-4th.


Double M said...

I didn't know about Boozer's personal issue. It explains a lot because he has been playing in the poor to very poor range for him.

Before this series started, I thought it would go 7, but I just don't know now. I guess the Jazz have a shot at home - they always play better there.