Monday, May 19, 2008

SNL Recap: Steve Carrell

Steve Carrell hosted SNL this week and it had some funny moments. I've included a few below.

The first thing is the opening skit which had me rolling and is right on par with some of my Twitter updates from yesterday.

I wish I would have seen that clip before yesterday because I probably would have laughed out loud. The next skit is one about CPR that made me chuckle for some reason. Its got a little SNL gore, so exercise caution on that.

Here's the opening monologue. I laughed because it's classic Steve Carrell. Also, I drink far too many red bulls (they get me through my business trips) and the thought of having 6 makes me laugh/cringe/salivate.

Everything included, this was my favorite clip on SNL this week.

Like I said, I will be gone for most of the week, so I'm not sure how much I'll be posting - I'll do my best. Have a good week.

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