Monday, May 05, 2008

Videos That You Should See

I was going to do an NBA second round preview today (yes, I know the 2nd round started Saturday, but I had to wait until all the second round match-ups were decided), but there's something more pressing - a bunch of funny videos. There are 3 videos to be exact that have been (or will be) popping up all over and are worth watching.

The first is from Conan - it's his version of GTA IV. If you've ever played (or seen) GTA, you'll like it.

The second part to that video can be viewed here.

The next video is an "unaired" clip from SNL featuring Shaq and Will Ferrell. I put the quotes around unaired because I've seen this clip before and spent countless hours searching for it (for instance, I spent 30 minutes searching for it for my first NBA Playoff Preview Post). Anyway, now that I've found it, I couldn't resist posting it (it's from Funny or Die, so you'll probably have to click through to the post to see it if you're using a reader).

The last video is one of the new Marvel Vs. DC Mac/PC Parody videos. This ones pretty good and topical considering the release of Iron Man (side note, I'll have a summer movie post coming soon as well).

Have a good week.

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