Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's A Blog Roll

I'm am an embarrassingly big fan of the Internet. Like, if I could ever meet the intermist I might turn into a giggling school girl. And one of my favorite parts of the webernet are blogs. There are a lot of good blogs out there, and people (including me) don't give them enough credit for being good (to be honest, I'm pretty sure this post is probably doing them more hard than good, but, oh well). So, out of respect to these blizogs, I've added a massive blog rolls to the bottom left column of this blog (my friends - or really anyone that links to me - will stay in the top-right). If you subscribe to my shared feed (you can see it on the left too) or follow me on Twitter (here's that profile again) you probably have seen many of these sites before. Furthermore, this isn't all of the blogs I read, but these are definitely some of the blogs that shape my views on life. Look at the list and let me know if there's any blogs that I should be reading (or, if for some reason, you're mad that you're not on there, let me know).

I had this big long post written about blog accountability - but let's be honest - who really want to hear that from me. So instead, here's an awesome commercial that probably applies to several of my readers this fine Sunday.

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