Monday, March 26, 2007

Hip-Hop And You Don't Stop

Now, you all know that the Skeet Thrower loves some good hip-hop (especially if it has some good skeet throwing (SFW) lyrics or a great breakdancing video). It is in my blood. That said, I love all kinds of music and one of my mainstays used to be me dropping some "genious" videos of the past on you. And because it has been a long while since I brought you a classic music video, I've decided to bring you one today.

It's Joey Scarbury's "Believe It or Not" (The theme from Greatest American Hero).

Now aside from several obvious questions, like what in the hell was that, you may be saying to yourself, "Where have I heard that song before?" Well, you prolly saw it here:

Now that damn song is gonna be stuck in your head all day.

Why a random video on Monday? Well, you heard about basketball in the recap and with the Final Four coming this weekend, a lot of you are gonna be on b-ball OD, so I thought I would go a different way (if you really want basketball, check out this hip-hop Duke dis video (NSFW language). Plus, I want to talk about one of the coolest songs I (finally) illegally downloaded this weekend. It is the remix of Fall Out Boys' "This Ain't A Scene, Its An Arms Race" Remix featuring Kanye West.

But before I talk about the song, let me ask - why in the hell do alt-rock or punk-rock or pop-rock, or whatever the hell the call themselves, decide to name all of their songs ridiculous titles? "This Ain't A Scene" would be good enough. What the hell does that even mean? This is awful. My iPod can't handle shit like that. Leave it to like 25 characters, dbags. I'll let it slide because I like the song, but don't do it again.

Want another more ridiculous example?

Panic! at the Disco: There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey. You Just Haven't Thought of it Yet.

The name of your band is ludicrous enough as it is, but they went ahead and created a song with two freaking sentences in the title. 2 sentences! Its a title. Is it not bad enough that the radio overplayed your damn song "I Write Sins, Not Tradgedies?"; you had to create a song with a name like this? I haven't even heard it but I can't imagine you have time for anything else but a chorus with a title like this. And your name is like in high school when some guy I knew always signed his emails "Douche!" (the name was changed to protect the douche). I want to fight you.

But I digress, the whole reason I wanted to talk about this song was Kanye's lyrics. They cut to the heart of me. I've reprinted them here so you can read them while you listen to the song (I've even bolded some of the best parts)...

Now I don’t know what the hell this song is talking ’bout
Do you?
She said ‘yeah, I’ve been spending all day tryin’ to figure that out,
You too?’
The arm race made ‘em raise their arm and race straight to the top
Who knew?
Right now they got the number one spot do you want that?
Me too

One thing I gotta call out boy
Take a look at Fall Out Boy
Cause they ain’t black when they get money they don’t ball out, boy
They just buy tight jeans
‘Till their nuts hang all out boy

They figure they dress tight so we ‘gun dress tighter
He dress white so we ‘gun dress whiter
So in spite of anything you might of seen or heard–this scene occurred

I think this whole rap is a subtle shot at the Fall Out Boys. Genious. I'm not saying I don't like Fall Out Boys, I just think Kanye lit them up on their own remix.

If only he could mix in something about Jack Bauer stopping nuclear attacks both here and abroad in tight, full-length t-shirts...wait a second.

I'm now issuing a challenge to the hip-hop world - someone come up with lyrics describing this. Can we get Dre and Jay-Z on this please?

I mean, Mims has a song where he doesn't say anything - can't we just rap about Bauer? Speaking of Mims, read these lyrics to yourself (just read, don't sing the music in the background) and tell me you don't smile...

This is why I'm hot, This is why I'm Hot
This is why, this is why, this is why I'm Hot
I'm Hot cause I'm fly, you ain't cause you not
This is why, this is why, this is why I'm Hot
This is why I'm hot, I ain't gotta rap
I sell a mill sayin' nothin'
This is why I'm hot, shorty see tha drop
Ask me what I paid and I say yeah I paid a gwop...

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