Sunday, March 25, 2007

Week In Recap: Baskeball Amazingness

So I'm in Fort Wayne, IN, population 205,727, as I write this. As you can tell, it is not a very big city. What's that have to do with anything? Well, Saturday I had the chance to watch the Division II NCAA Championship game between Barton College (located in Wilson, North Carolina with a population of about 44,405) and Winona State University (located in Winona, Minnesota with a population of about 27,069).

Both of these cities are significantly smaller than where I'm at currently, but since I knew I was heading to a smaller city yesterday, I decided to watch the game. It was a close game but a realtively boring game. That is until there were about 45 seconds left.

Most people wouldn't watch this game...its Barton (which made me immediately thing of Vodka) and the lesser known WSU (and by lesser known, I mean NO-body knows them). In any case, here's the clip of the last 45 seconds, worth watching again even if you have seen it.

How about that reverse layup to tie the game. Pretty ballsy, huh? Between that game and the sweet Elite 8 games plus the fact that the Association is ramping up into the playoff push...good times for hoops fans.

Onto the recap:

On Monday, I didn't post but I got called out by Johnny for not posting. I'm out of town, but hopefully, I'll have something up tomorrow.

Wednesday I continued my campaign fow Woolery to take over the PIR. Also, as a bonus, Adam gave us a look at his BCS Man-Crush List.

I unveiled the BCS Bottom Five on Friday.
Update: Here's the real Skeletor link

Hope you had a good weekend.


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