Sunday, March 04, 2007

Week In Recap: Life Update

So, I went to Time Warner on Friday to get my HD-DVR box for my new TV. I called TW, made sure they had HD-DVR boxes in stock, unhooked my current non-HD dvr box and went into TW to pick up my glorious new box. Of course, when I get there, they have no HD-DVR boxes in stock (they did have DVR's and HD boxes, just not the combo). Bastards. Now I'm left with my old box. The sad thing is, I worked really hard to clean my old box before I turned it in. It is gonna take a lot of work to keep that damn box clean...

I also wanted to update you to my weight resolution: no changes - I am where I was a while ago.

On to the recap: I kind of went ballistic this week on links - mainly cuz I've got too much to say (I just want to give you somewhere to waste some time) - so I'm going to post in parentheses the number of links (not including videos) on the page.

This week, on The Skeet Thrower:

- Monday was mi hermano's birthday and I gave him Chad Vader videos. (17)

- I made it Rainn on Tuesday. On a side note, you would not believe the number of emails, texts and person-to-person confirmations about other people hating Kenan as well. How is he still on that show? (15)

- Thursday: Avril, that's bush. Bush league. If you were a man, I'd punch you. (8 plus 2 bonus links from Wheezy in the comments)

- On Friday, it was raining men as I unveiled The BCS Man-Crush List. (22)

After that post on Friday, I think I know how those dudes felt after filming Brokeback Mountain. Still feeling kind of gay after that last post, so I feel that I need to compensate by posting another non-gay clip.

Here's a (SFW) clip of Tyra feeling up Kathryn McPhee.

Also, I used a form of box 9 times in the first paragraph - couldn't quite get to 10 - but that should help out.

Finally, this week's most hit post was:

Casual Dress Friday: Standing Strong from Friday February 9, 2006 - garnering hits from the Mississippi Dept. of Education, China, Vancouver and Rutgers University among others. Not sure why that was the most linked post - prolly dudes looking for that elusive hot Tara Reid picture...

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