Sunday, March 11, 2007

Week In Recap: Life Without The Internets

I spent the weekend in the beautiful city that is San Antonio, Texas (for some not so great reasons, but we'll ignore those) but sadly I was without the Internets except on my phone for most of the time. I feel like I was disconnected from the world. Honestly, how did we ever live without the Internets? Can't we get Google to speed up the whole Internets everywhere thing?

Ok, I'll stop rexplaining something Wheezy has already done. On to the recap:

On Monday, we watched a 34-year-old fisherman perform feats of a Ninja Warrior!

Hump-day was all about chicks, culminating in us staring at Kellie Picklers breasts. I hope you went and played a few of those Liquid Generation games. In other boob news, apparently Paris Hilton got a also spent her money on some new "shoes."

I answered another question from my readers on Friday. Honestly though, you know me and you read my blog - whey are you asking me what love is?

And that was it. Seems that this week I was a little more hetero. Maybe even a little bit too masculine - I did talk a lot about boobs and tell you to do it in the butt. This clip should balance it out:

I hate soap operas...but I love telenovelas. Nothing like "un pequeno gaaaaaay" to round out last week. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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