Thursday, March 15, 2007

Casual Dress Friday:

Apparently those bastards over at NBC forgot to read my letter to television a couple weeks ago because they are yanking me around with The Office. First its on, then its off, then its on for 2 weeks, then its off for like 6 in the middle of the spring. What's worse is that I knew it wasn't new this week. I knew it. But my box (and by that I mean my DVR) told me it was a new episode. Of course, all they did was put two episodes back to back, interspersed some deleted scenes (which I had alread seen on and told my box it was new.

What in the hell is that? Bush league, NBC, real bush. If I ever meet the president of NBC I'm going to punch him. Right in the mouth.

Anyway, since The Office isn't going to be new until sometime in April, here's a sweet video to hold you over in the meantime. It's actually an NBC compilation of clips, but I know you'll enjoy it...

It's a casual dress Friday here at the Skeet Thrower, and I have decided that on Friday's during March, I'm going to take the time to answer a few of the more popular questions from my hundreds of readers (OK, let's be honest, some days its just tens of readers..but I digress). If you've been paying attention, you've noticed that I did this two weeks ago when I told you who was on my BCS Celebrity Man-Crush list (I left it to celebrities because it could get really awkward if I revealed my non-celebrity man-crushes) and last week I answered ?Porque Es Amor?

This week I'll answer a very complex question: "Who or what do you hate the most?". Now, typically, I try to avoid direct negativity. I tend to just enjoy light-hearted mockery (like naming all of my NCAA tournament brackets "Dickenmann's boys" - who, on a side note, sadly and predictably lost - but can you tell me why there's a website that keeps track of Howie Dickenman quotes?), but sometimes you have to just spit some good 'ol hatin'.

To be accurate, I'm going to split this question into two parts, what is my biggest pet peeve and who do I hate the most. The latter part of the question will fall under my BCS Top 5 Most Hated List (which will be officially unveiled next week!), so I'll save that for another post.

Today, I'm going to tell you about my biggest pet peeve. I'm a pretty level-headed guy, but there are very few things that push me over the edge. I hate brown-nosers. Someday, when I'm rich, I'm just going to fire people that annoy me like this. I also hate it when people sniffle a lot during meetings (or just anywhere) and refuse to blow their nose. And I hate it when people are bragadocious homers for their team (sports or otherwise) when they A) know nothing about what they are bragging about and B) only brag when they win.

But those are all petty little things. Like I said, I'm level-headed - those things don't even really bother me.

But you wanna know what really bothers me? Bluetooth Headsets.

I am a huge fan of technology. Hu-Uge. I love iPods, DVRs, cell phones, Wiis and the Internets. But I hate bluetooth headsets. Look, I get the conveinence factor (and maybe everyone should be forced to get them for their car). I even get the whole, it frees up my hands for phone sex thing. But honestly, I hate it when people just walk around with on non-stop. Don't you realize you look like an idiot? You may think you're cool and hip walking around with your bluetooth in all the time, but what you don't realize is you have a metal and plastic tumor growing out the side of your head and you look like a fake Robocop. And do you always have to yell? Why are you announcing your conversation? Yes, we know you have a bluetooth headset, but, no, I don't care what you are having for dinner tonight.

Honestly, lets lay down some ground rules for using bluetooth headsets.
  1. Only have the bluetooth in when you are on the phone.
  2. Only use a bluetooth when you need both of your hands for something else.
  3. Don't act like you're cool because you have a bluetooth headset. You're not. And this guy better hope me never meet in the streets.
  4. Don't be a derka.

That should take care of it. This shouldn't even be something I need to write about. Some people are just dumb.

Looking back on that last paragraph, you can see why I don't write about things I hate. I can't even find funny links for this shit.

In other pop culture news, check out this video of the band name "The Cat Empire." I saw this on a Letterman rerun last night. I'm ok on the song, but can you tell me what the dude on the far left is doing? Also, is the person on the piano a chick or dude because I have no clue.

He's playing a freaking tambourine? That's it? Oh, I guess he dances as well. What in the hell is that? He doesn't have a mic at face level so unless his cod piece is singing that's all he's got. I wonder if that has caused a real-life more cowbell situation...only with a tambourine and a beast on synthesizer/keyboard.

Have a good weekend.

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Johnny said...

There's a few things that I count on to start off a week - one of them is a post that has some sort of a reference to Jack Bauer. Instead I'm stuck with this post from last week. It hurts worse when this is a return week from Spring Break and all I can force myself to do is surf Internets while sitting on campus. Bring back the posting A-game. Please.