Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Has It Really Been Over A Week?

Yes, it appears it has. So, here's what happened - I had a funny post written last week, and then the power died at work. I lost like 15 minutes of work, said I would get to it later but never did. Suddenly, it was Friday, so I wrote a SuperBad post, which I posted and then pulled immediately because it had like 5 clips from the movie, and, honestly, I was afraid they might have been the only funny parts so I didn't want to ruin it for you people. Fortunately, the movie was freaking hilarious (albeit a bit crude - I wouldn't recommend it for mi madre). I highly recommend it - I think it was better than Knocked Up. Back to my excuses - this weekend, my brother graduated, so my parents flew into town and stayed with me. Finally, I played a lot of Wii, but thanks to some bullshit from Super Mario Strikers Charged, I'm finally off of my Wii high.

Anyway, I finally decided to finish the post from last week. It is posted below.

My boy Wheezy may not remember this, but on the first weekend of college my freshman year, a guy named Fatback was introducing me to a bunch of people he knew in the dorms. When he introduced me to Wheezy, he called him one of the funniest guys he knew. Wheezy then proceeded to show me a video of him and his friends doing some ridiculously choreographed wooden sword fight, which they did solely because they had long wood...en swords. Why am I talking about this? Because of this video.

What in the hell is this? Wheezy's video was clearly the case of a couple guys being goofy. These people, however, are running around doing some real-life world of warcraft shit, or something like that. I think someone trying to use a ho (SFW) as a weapon. You do this when your like 8 not 18-35. Also, as recklessly as these people are swinging their swords, they apparently have never seen this video (some NSFW language).

For some reason, that video reminds me of a more ridiculous version of the Dodgeball instructional video and this ridiculous German Forklift video that is a must watch if you have never seen it. Its long, but worth it (that's what she said).

If you're counting, that's two ridiculous videos featuring someone's hand getting cut-off. If that craziness is too much for you, perhaps some real-life weirdness is what you need. Here's a video where you see John Stamos' weird, and I mean weird, belly button (as a bonus, you also get Tom Selleck's and Conan's belly buttons).

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