Sunday, August 05, 2007

Week In Recap: King Size Me

Its the return of the week in recap! Actually, I just decided its not worth writing a recap whenever I only post a couple times a week. Anyway, on Friday, my wife and I had a king size bed delivered. Now, some of you that know my wife and I may be asking "Why in the hell do you two need a king size bed?" Well, it turns out that my wife is bed-hog and she tries to sleep on our entire queen. As a result, we decided to upgrade to a bigger bed. Of course, my dog will still try to sleep right next to me, no matter how much room there is on the bed.

Even though we got the bed on Friday, we haven't had a chance to sleep on it yet - we've been in Omaha all weekend (and we didn't have any sheets that fit it anyway). We're going back tonight, so it will be awesome to finally get our first night's rest on the king bed. But, enough about me...

On to the Recap...

On Monday, I told you about my weekend in Kansas City, including my trip to a gay bar.

I gave you a glimpse at QVC, a channel I've started watching again, on Wednesday.

Friday was a quick post (pictures!) - in which I complained about JoJo's response to Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls". I also included a clip from a terrible X-Games accident where a guy walked away. I watched a little bit more this weekend and saw this, called the "Kiss of Death Backflip." Pretty Bad Ass.

Have a good week.

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