Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Am A Real (US) American*

You may have heard that Hulk Hogan's son drove like a chick derka and crashed his car. It apparently is pretty serious (as compared to idiot, Eddie Griffin). So, what better way to cheer the Hulkster (NSF Anyone) up, than to celebrate some of the best clips of a Real US American (if you have 3 minutes, that is a true must watch - the video rivals David Hasselhoff's - and, perhaps sadly, I have listened to Hulk's video like 8 times straight while writing this). Let's begin - countdown please:

Ok, that wasn't so much of a countdown as it was a singing of the days of the week, but what do you expect from Hulk. The man has wrestled so much (and been on roids so long) - you can't expect him to know the difference between a countdown and the days of the week. But I digress, it seems that Hulk's career has been filled with all sorts of ridiculousness, like appearances on talk shows (do you remember when wrestlers used to be guests on Arsenio.) The best part of that Hulk/Arsenio clip may be the fact that Hulk says that Arsenio will be around for a long time and that Letterman sucks. He really should lay off the roids (and apparently the man meat). Of course, at times it was Hulk's ridiculous statements that made him endearing and hilarious (well, that and the fact that he was being serious). For instance, take this interview with Randy Savage, who may or may not be a hobo.

If you're like me, you spent that entire video hoping that one of those guys didn't blow a muscle/blood vein/have a brain aneurysm. Anyway, lucky for both Hulk's dignity and us, it wasn't just Hulk that said ludicrous things. Take this scene from his movie "No Holds Barred."

Weren't Hulk's movie roles/cameos the best. By the way, if you're counting, that's two Hulk music video links in one day (three if you count that days of the week/fake countdown thing). I don't know if you watched that second one, but it was broadcast from one of the WWF talk shows they used to have - with the worst acting ever (yes, worse than Hulk's). How did the WWF survive? Anyway, all these videos have made me hungry. Fortunately, Hulk can help me out with that as well.

Strange, I don't remember seeing Pastamania the last time I was in the Mall of America...

* Yes, this is a reference to one of the most ridiculous and over-covered stories. If you haven't seen the video of Miss South Carolina (Miss Teen USA 3rd-place finisher!), click here. She must have listened to Hulk's video as well.

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D Wheezy said...

It's encouraging to see that even though Hulk's acting career didn't win any Oscars, No Holds Barred still managed to create a couple of other superstars.