Monday, August 13, 2007

Wii + Birthday + Olympics = No Posting

So here's how my life has gone since Wednesday:

Thursday: Work until late, then go buy the last Wii in Lincoln. Unable to play Wii because I worked in my wife's classroom until 11:30.

Friday: Took the dog to the vet, paid a bunch of bills, went car shopping and played some Wii and some DS. Then my wife and her friend threw me and a friend a surprise birthday party. Good times.

Saturday: Car shopping then Beer Olympics (which took all day).

Sunday: Sleep and work in Shorty's classroom. Then play some Wii at night.

What does all of this mean? Unfortunately, I'm behind on the Internets and am short on posts. Sorry. I won't leave you without a video (two actually) today. Here's evidence that Joakim Noah still can't dance.

He should prolly just go ahead and take a cue from this chick (I love that Kanye's remix of that Daft Punk song, by the way). In other news, here is a kid that is trying to follow in Noah's footsteps.

Looks like he'll have to work on the athletics a little bit.

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D Wheezy said...

My question is, did that kid post the video? Or did his parents. It used to be embarrassing stuff like that was kept in storage somewhere with all of your old Ninja Turtles toys. Now it's archived forever on the internet for everybody to see.

Poor guy.