Wednesday, August 01, 2007

QVC: The Overlooked Channel

I watch a lot of TV. Even in the summer I still DVR like 3 hours a week. I watch all kinds of stuff from sports (last night I watched the AAU Jr. Boys Basketball Championship - I'm pretty sure they could beat every WNBA team) to dancing (yes, I watch so you think you can dance with Shorty - pretty sure that doesn't make me least any more gay) to the news to the Discovery Channel (I particularly like Man Vs. Wild, even if it is fake). But one channel I don't really watch is QVC, mainly because last time I watched it, I spent $700 on US Quarters*. I may need to reconsider; however, as it appears that QVC brings hours and hours of entertainment.

The people and the products are so ridiculous, but what I think makes it funnier is thinking about the demographic that are buying the products. Here's a prime example of a product aimed at their target market.

I guess the demographic for the Facial Flex is middle-aged soccer moms worried about flabby skin on their face that can't afford botox but can afford to shop on QVC. I don't know why you would want to use that instead of just doing facial exercises (That link is a true must watch. Watch it. Do it.).

QVC gets even better when the hosts think the products are shit. For instance, take a look at Mike Rowe - the guy who does Dirty Jobs. He really cares about these products (Thanks to Andy, who gave me the jump on those videos right as they hit the Internets).

Seriously? A Katsak? What cat would enjoy this and why is the product spelled Katsak? Isn't that just a plastic grocery bag inside of a paper grocery bag? Rowe may have been one of the most intentionally funny guys on QVC (you can see more clips here), but sometimes its the crazy stuff on QVC that makes me think I should watch. And when I think of crazy, I think of Britney Spears Lindsay Lohan Paula Abdul.

She even melted down after the show. Her life is a train wreck. Not to be outdone, Suzanne Somers decided just to be herself on HSN. Of course, by herself I mean dumb. The longer you listen to that last clip, the dumber you will be.

Happy Birthday, Ross. While I like belittling everyone, Ross believes that he should be helping other people. You can check out some of the cool things he did in Panama at his blog: here.

* This is a blatant lie

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