Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm Back From The Dead

Soooooo, I've been on a week long break from blogging. it was unintentional but it happened. I spent last weekend down in beautiful Orlando with my boy Wheezy. We got back Sunday night and 10 hours later I jumped back on a plane and headed to Mobile, AL to stalk some NFL coaches at the Senior Bowl (I'll fill you in on that more later). It was awesome, but when I was getting back to my hotel after 12:30am, I didn't feel much like blogging.

In any case, I'm back from the dead now, just in time to teach you how to do the Thriller (applicable, don't you think).

I guess I should have warned you that it was by some crazy 80's chick (and also possibly fake). Fake or not, there are 4 more videos featuring Dancin' Kim that should make you laugh. I'm not sure what Video Jug is, but those videos definitely made me laugh.

For good measure here's another one about Poppin' and Lockin' it.

That's no Pop, Lock and Drop It but it definitely had some poppin' and lockin'.

Anyway, you may wonder how I found that video - I was actually searching for how Michael Jackson learned the Moonwalk and I stumbled across the videos of that chick. If you have 5 minutes, you should really watch that Moonwalk video I linked to, if for nothing else than to hear his sister giving him a backhanded compliment at about the 2 minute mark. Seriously though - watch that and tell me you don't wish you could do the Moonwalk.

Have a good weekend.


D Wheezy said...

I'm having a hard time deciding on whether or not those videos are legit. Her pop and lock kinda sucks.

Next time you talk about coming back from the dead (which hopefully will never need to happen) perhaps you could use this video. Some guys at school were discussing it between classes, which is how I came across it.

My school is very strange.

Double M said...

That's what I was thinking - either way they are funny.

That zombie car wash thing - thats some weird stuff.