Thursday, January 03, 2008

There's So Much To Do

Game that I am not actually playing...jesus who do you think I am...And so little time. With late night TV returning, I'm busy watching TV again (turns out Conan is still funnier than that idiot Craig Ferguson). Plus, I've been playing the new Wii game my wife got me for Christmas (I've included the box art on the right* so you can think about what I'm doing when I'm not on the Internets) and watching football, so I'm really busy. And by busy, I mean occupied because are you really busy when all you're doing is watching TV?

Anyway, I hope you had a good New Years' celebration. I had a good time in Austin, TX (also known as a Hellhole of Sin - that's a must for anyone from Austin), unfortunately, after the party (and the ensuing night's sleep) I had to drive back to Nebraska where I summarily lost my left testicle because it jumped off my body and ran back to weather above 0 degrees. Then I pulled up my computer and saw the 1000+ number in my reader. You'd think there's no way I'd pour through all of that, but I'd be pissed if I missed a funny video to start 2K8. Sooooo, here's a couple funny videos I found.

1) Here's Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight) having a tussle with a photographer. There's some NSFW language in there, so exercise caution. If you ever wanted to see an extended Dwight fight scene with R-rated language, this is it.

2) If you shot off fireworks for New Years, I hope you followed the safety precautions outlined in this (fake, Dutch) Islamic fireworks safety video.

That was apparently banned - I'm not sure if its because of the blatant stereotypism or the fact that everyone has gone and looked right into the heart of a maybe-lit firework wondering what is going on and people don't want to be reminded how dumb they were.

3) Also, if you didn't see the National Anthem played by a group of trombones on Fox the other day, watch the first 20 seconds of this clip.

Their name is Bonerama! How can they get away with this? I'm now going to start a band called "The Code Piece Conglomeration" or "Boxfest". Get my Rock Band set.

* There is no way in hell I'm playing this game, I just thought it was funny box art. Wait, how did this game get made? Seriously - its real.

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