Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Legend of Scottie Pippen Continues

Well, after a couple of days and a few "Leave Clay Aiken Alone" emails, it looks like the blizog is still kicking. Good to know that the Claymates power has waned.

In any case, a couple of weeks ago, I showed you an awesome video of Scottie Pippen advertising a six foot sub (with bonus lack of emotion!). Well, today, I bring you the follow up - the introduction to Scottie Pippen's Sega CD(!) game, Slam City. This was a "full-motion" video game where your buttons controlled what the video did. I have no real clue though - I never played it (Did you ever even play Sega CD? Because I didn't).

There's that Scottie Pippen enthusiasm at the end. Although after listening to it a second time, I'm pretty sure he also is doing the lyrics for the theme song - at least there's a little enthusiasm there. Its too bad for Scottie that some other douche bag had the mid-90's basketball player hip-hop thing all locked up because I'm pretty sure he would have killed it there. Interpret "killed it" as you will...

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B Vasquez said...

Sega CD actually had a couple of good games, I remember thinking that full motion video on a game was amazing (now its only in the really lame games). A lot of games were made by this Digital Pictures company, and what the hell is up with their logo having what sounds like a porno moan in it? Some of the decent games (though their fun factor has significantly dropped over the years) are: Corpse Killer, Double Switch, Ground Zero: Texas, Night Trap, Sewer Shark, (all of the previous titles were made by DP), Dragon's Lair (which plays a hell of a lot like God of War's button sequence), and Jurassic Park (never could beat this one, it had a weird gameplay style).

D Wheezy said...

I played Jurassic Park, as well as Dragon's Lair - which actually started out as an arcade console game and had animation by Don Bluth - the guy behind such sweet ass movies as "The Land Before Time", "All Dogs Go to Heaven", and "An American Tail".

Since these "games" were basicalyl just fancy Chapter Selection choices, Dragon's Lair is also on DVD and HD DVD these days if anybody wanted to buy it for me. Just saying.

Double M said...

They also made a 24 DVD video game that is along the same lines - only they made it like 2 years ago, not 10+ years ago. It sucked and it made me want to throw my DVD remote through the TV screen.

Just saying.

D Wheezy said...

Yeah - well Dragon's Lair has a special place in my heart. Although I do remember wanting to throw a controller through the tv many many times while trying to play that game.

Luckily it was my friend's tv, since nobody in their right mind would buy a Sega CD. Although to be fair, I did own a Virtual Boy, which is probably a bigger mistake.