Friday, January 04, 2008

This Is One Six Footer I Can't Handle...

When I was writing yesterday's post, I kept thinking: "What am I forgetting? There's something...I just can't remember. Its kinda topical. What is it?" I ended up going with the Bonerama, but I knew I was missing something. Then I saw the video roll through my reader today and I began kicking myself because I had missed it.

Anyway, here is Scottie Pippen in a Mr. Submarine commercial from about 1991.

That is 28 seconds of goodness. The graphics, cheesy cheerleaders, Scottie Pippen (who was my 3rd favorite basketball player growing up) and best of all the line "This is one six-footer I can't handle one-on-one. Ladies, let's have a party!" only instead of an exclamation point, its said with something equivalent to a negative exclamation point.

I wonder if Pippen ever looks back on his commericals and laughs...

By the way, I thought this was topical because Pippen is trying really hard to get the Bulls coaching job. I doubt it happens, but, hey, they hired Bill Cartwright.

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