Monday, January 14, 2008

Steve Nash, Jessica Alba, & Paul Brogan

You may or may not know this, but I love hip-hop. Generally, I try not to show you good hip-hop (I used to - a long time ago - but it was kinda boring, even to write), but I like to show you some funny/bad stuff; at least something you haven't seen.

That's not to say that everything I show you isn't good. Just last week we took a look at a white rapper that had lyrics. But he made you laugh right? Well, you know another white rapper that made you laugh: Paul Brogan. You may or may not remember, but Mr. Brogan was a little kooky but he had an awesome NBA rap (which included a verse about Steve Nash, and since I'm talking about Brogan here today it gave me a nice excuse to show this picture of Nash staring at Jessica Alba, which is funny). Well, he had a nice holiday rap and I haven't posted it yet, so here it is:

Same old Paul Brogan. Still enjoyable. I like how he still goes with the construction paper/printed out picture combo. I'm not sure about the increased production, but I guess it was still well done. I wish he'd get rid of the singing though. Anyway, it turns out that he has a very timely/topical NFL rap.

So, that might be a couple days out-dated - its still pretty good. And he got rid of the singing. Bonus.

Also, it turns out that my boy Wheezy bounced a few ideas off of me this week while making his comic and somehow I got a credit on it (I need to find more ways to make other people do all the work and then give me some credit...). Anyway, as always, I think its pretty funny but since my names on it, I'll pimp it a little more. So go check it out.

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D Wheezy said...

You can pimp me out any day. If you know what I mean.