Monday, April 09, 2007

Another Dose of Hero Ninja Fever

It is Monday and that means it is time for Bauer to kick some ass. I don't know if you watch the previews for the next episode because there are differing opinions on this (note: I won't even ask if you watch the episode) - bt if you ddin't let me fill you in. Bauer gets tagged by a bullet. He might die. If Bauer dies, I may die - I can't lose Bauer and Agent Zero in one week. Of course, he's Bauer and the reason he is BCS number 1 is because he won't die.

In other news, there is a grave injustice I must discuss before I get to today's real topic - apparently there is some new chick on GSN's Playmania/Quiznation. Her name is Jessica York and she sucks. Honestly, I turn on the TV expecting Shandi or black-Shandi and I get bush-leaguer Jessica York. You can see the difference here. At least its not the European version with the gay dude. We need to get Bauer on this once the whole nukes thing is over.

Anyway, the whole point of today's blog was to ask if you knew that there's a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie? Turns out they didn't really market it to us (they strayed towards real kids); however, since I keep my ears to the streets, I heard about it. That said, I haven't been able to convince my wife that we should see this yet, but I want to. I mean, I call myself a Turtles expert, how have I not seen this yet? Its all animation, but it is getting decent reviews (although it has dropped from the 8.0 it had earlier).

I'm not sure how I feel about it being animated. I mean who didn't love those giant, immobile turtle costumes and the "human" foot-clan. On a side note, that video made me think of an old joke that Wheezy used to tell about the first time a ninja broke someone's neck. I couldn't find the Internets link on his blizog, but now that I wrote this I'm sure he'll come through.

Anyway, from the movie preview, it looks like the cartoonists found a nice balance between comedy and the seriousness that is the Turtles. Although, I'm not so sure how good it can be without the Shredder. As I've said before, the best part about the Turtles is that they are ninjas, and fighting Shredder made sense because, well, he was also a ninja. Fighting monsters just isn't as good.

You know what else isn't as good? Foreign versions of the Turtles theme, especially the German edition which confuses the word "ninja" for "hero." Idiots.

Why do I feel those guys are just yelling at the mic as loud as they can. Also, that last ninja link is worth a look, if not for the preposterousness(I got that from my boy Todd's Google Reader Shared Items...waiting on that blog Todd).

While we are on the topic of ninjas, I thought I would show you the extended Afro Ninja video. I know you all have seen the Afro Ninja, but not everyone has seen the extended edition.

One final random ninja note for you baseball fans out there - you may want to know what Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster did to improve himself in the offseason - he became a ninja. I'd much rather have that than an unhittable curve. Good work.


D Wheezy said...

I dunno if I've ever mentioned the Ninja training story on my blog ... this is the closest thing I could find. And to be fair it was actually John Wirtz's idea. I'm gonna make an animation out of it one day... guaranteed.

Also, does anybody else think that Ryan Dempster looks an awful lot like Matt Galante?

johnny said...

You're thinking about Dempster all wrong. Everyone knows that you can't hit a ninja because he is too quick. i predict this ninja status will result in the greatest pitching season ever, with a 0.00 era. checking with ESPN, i see a man with 2 saves, 0 hits, and 0 runs allowed.