Wednesday, April 11, 2007

24 and a Little Observational Comedy

Holy Nuts. Did you watch 24 on Monday? That was a badass scene. I have not seen Bauer dominate like that since season 1. I cannot explain how kick ass (remember when Sarah Michelle Gellar and Britney Murphy were alive?) that was. It was a movie quality beat-down. In case you missed it, this scene is why Bauer is #1 on the BCS Man-Crush list (even if you didn't miss it, you should prolly watch this).

Best 4 minutes of 24 this season. The look on Jack's face when he is hanging that dude was awesome. With that kind of rage, I think Bauer could pretty much dominate anyone, including Arnold (wait until there's like a minute left in that one - its worth it).

In case they take the Bauer scene down from the, you can go to Bauer Count and watch footage there. I've mentioned Bauer Count before - it keeps a tally of all Bauer kills throughout the season with video evidence.

Speaking of the man-crush list, there's been some movement - Joel McHale has come out of nowhere to jump into 3rd place on the list. While I was watching his performance on "Thank God You're Here" (a very good show by the way) on Monday (after 24, of course), I realized that he can do no wrong. As is the custom, here's a gratuitous clip of McHale:

In other news, I was sent a link on IM yesterday from my work's internal bulletin board. All the IM said was "You'll figure it out." I open up the link and find this listing:

Seriously. Not kidding. I almost bought it out of principle. Thanks, Ross. That's a good find. Nothing like a little observational comedy.

One final note today - did you know that the NHL Playoffs started today? Ya, me neither. I quit following them when they quit making NHL Hitz games (those things were awesome). Anyway, in celebration of the NHL playoffs, here's an awesome song I always enjoyed from the last good version of NHL Hitz, Hockey Monkey.

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D Wheezy said...

The look on Dr. T's face in the banner kinda looks like he's using the skeet thrower right now.