Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bartenders, SNL and Team Karen

As I said Monday, I'm traveling. So when I go out to eat, I usually sit at the bar of whatever restaurant I go to because I am by myself. This usually gives me a way to watch TV and get my food rather promptly. As a bonus I'm not sitting all by myself (the people in the crowd dancing in that video kill me...also, did you know that song was originally sung by Eric Carmen - that's Carmen not Cartman - and not by a woman? I did not) looking like a tool.

Anyway, can someone please explain to me why the dumpy bartender feels that she needs to flirt with me? Now, I'm not one to turn down some casual flirting, but, honestly, I'm there for food, you're gonna get tipped, the ring (that one gets even funnier at the end) on my finger clearly indicates that I'm married despite the fact that I'm sitting at a bar by myself, and, perhaps most importantly, you're not hot and you know it. It's one thing if you are trying to play up the cute angle, but you know you can't do that so why are you trying to give me the treatment? This may work for the truckers that roll through Kokomo, but I'm in a suit, looking dapper and clearly not looking to hook-up with you. Please, be nice, but please, don't treat me like I'm a horny 15-year-old that will put my cod in anything that resembles a box.

But I digress. What I really wanted to do today was beat a dead horse. I have two clips, one that you may have seen (I watched it live) and one I hadn't seen until today. They show just how far SNL has fallen.

I'll start with the good clip. It features Chris Farley, Phil Hartman and Mohr's BCS #1 Man-Crush, Bill Murray.

I laughed the entire way through that skit. Start to finish. I probably laughed the hardest when that dude got tagged in the mejitos. Good times.

On the other end of the spectrum, here is a clip from a recent SNL featuring Lindsay Lohan.

The premise of that skit isn't funny and it features a whole slew of SNL personalities I don't like, including a cameo from Keenan. Ironically, I laughed at that skit, not because it was all that funny, but because they were all laughing so hard (something that Jimmy Fallon is notorious for). Breaking the skit is what made that sketch funny and that's not good news. I guess it could be worse...they could be using Carlos Mencia. SNL is diappointing each and every week (much like this clip of Andre Agassi tagging Steffi Graf) and I'm hoping that if I keep saying it, finally it will catch on.

I've decided that I can't leave you with that, and since it is Thursday, that means its a great time to give an Office shout-out. I wanted to mention the undercover hottness of Pam (Jenna Fischer). My friends and I have been discussing this ever since we saw these Puma ads from a couple years ago, but for me it really came to light in the movie Blades of Glory (which was pretty funny by the way - if nothing else, there's a Mr. Feeny cameo and I love Boy Meets World). There's a clip here that is PG-13 so, kids, you should probably not watch this one.

I'm still a Team Karen person, but I may be more apt to root for Team Pam after that...

I guess I would be OK with Jim switching to team Pam after Blades of Glory.


LauraJean said...

Bad news: Keenan's appearance isn't a cameo. He's on the cast. I'm sorry.

D Wheezy said...

I . hate . Mencia.